Why You Want Sheer Curtains in Puyallup for the Summer

While there are some homes that will use the same window coverings throughout the year, there are many advantages to adding and removing certain treatments for the seasons. In the summer, you want to replace your thick drapes with sheer curtains in Puyallup. Here’s why they’re perfect for your windows.

 They Filter the Lighter

 Sheer curtains offer the major benefit of filtering the light. Instead of blocking out the sun, you’ll be able to reduce the glare and keep the natural light shining through your windows. There’s no need to pull the curtains on and off every day — only when you want to get access to the windows.

 By filtering the light, you get rid of harmful and uncomfortable glare. You’ll find every room is easier to sit in and you want to spend more time by the windows.

 Sheer Curtains in Puyallup Block the View

 The material may allow light to shine through, but it stops the view from the outside coming in. You gain a lot of privacy from these curtains in your home. 

Of course, you’d get the privacy from a heavier set of drapes. The downside is you’re blocking the light at the same time, which isn’t a problem with thinner material.

 One of the only issues is that you also block out the view to the outside with many sheer curtains. You’ll want to keep this in mind when you’re choosing your window treatments. However, you’ll find the benefits of blocking the view are worthwhile.

 You’ll Manage the Heat

 Surprisingly, sheer curtains in Puyallup can be excellent for managing the heat levels in the summer. They’re not great for the winter, but that’s because heat loss/gain works differently depending on the season.

 In the summer, the heat comes from the UV rays. The sheer curtains prevent the rays coming in through the window, so you don’t get the heat gain as much. There’s less need for the air conditioning to be on throughout the day.

 There’s no need to take the curtains off for the light, either. So, you can gain the benefit of the heat management every day throughout the summer.

 They Create a Lighter, Brighter Look

 Your winter drapes and curtains in Puyallup may offer some benefits in the summer, but there’s one major reason to get rid of them. It’s all about the look. Drapes for the winter tend to come in darker colors, which can lead to a feel of coziness in the winter but a feel of depression in the summer.

 You want something light and cheerful. Sheer curtains tend to come in white or cream. Whichever color, they’re bright and will give you a sense of the summer in your home. They add more light and the material moves in the breeze so you feel good whatever the weather is outside. 

It’s time to consider a set of sheer curtains in Puyallup during the summer months. They look great and will certainly offer financial benefits to your home. Why aren’t you getting a set for your windows?

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