Why You Need to Block Out UV Rays with Window Blinds in Milton

Window blinds in Milton are important for the home. In fact, it’s not just window blinds. You want any sort of window covering for each room in the home. You’ll think about privacy, heating control, and even comfort, but there’s one big reason window coverings are essential.

It’s all about the UV rays. The sun will always give off rays, and the UV index is high during the summer months. Here’s what damage the UV rays are doing in your home, and why blinds are a must.

The UV Rays Cause Temperatures to Rise

In the winter, you’ll likely want to let the UV rays into your home. It’s worth keeping the window blinds in Milton open, even just for a few hours. The sun’s rays will hit the glass and cause temperatures to rise in the home.

Just think about how it always feels warmer by the window when the sun is shining. The rays cause a greenhouse effect. In a greenhouse, you want those rising temperatures for the vegetables and fruits. You don’t want them for the bedroom, bathroom, or even the living room.

The best way to reduce rising temperatures in the summer is to block the UV rays. Your blinds are going to do that—the method just depends on the type of blinds you get. By managing the UV rays, you’ll reduce your air conditioning use and, therefore, reduce your utility bills.

Why keep your window blinds in Milton open in the winter then? The heat escapes the home. You’ll want to add some natural heat with the UV rays hitting the glass.

The UV Rays Damage Your Home

Sun rot is a major problem for upholstery, walls, ceilings, and more. The UV rays will cause the materials to breakdown or bleach. Just look at how your walls look if you have a slatted crib next to it that gets direct sunlight. After around a year, you’ll see the imprint of the slats on the wall from bleaching.

Leather seats will lighten, while upholstery can start to disintegrate. Your furniture doesn’t get the longevity that it’s supposed to get. You end up replacing items much sooner than you should need to.

You’ll want to use window blinds in Milton to help protect your furniture. Make sure you change the way the rays reflect off the blinds so they’re not hitting the same parts of the house over and over again. This will also help you reduce the wear and tear on the home from the natural elements.

The UV Rays Are Uncomfortable

While you want light into your home, you don’t want glare. It’s the UV rays that cause the glare. If you want to sit comfortably in a space, you’ll want to make sure you get rid of the rays. Blinds are the best way to do this. You can twist the slats on the blinds to block the rays without losing the natural light.

It’s important to get window blinds in Milton—or just any type of window covering. Blocking the UV rays is essential for the home.

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