Why You Need Reverse Roller Shades in Auburn for Your Windows

The most common roller shades in Auburn will roll out. You need to start looking at the reverse shades. They will roll towards the window rather than toward the room.

At first, this type of shade can look odd. It looks like it’s been hung backward against the window, which can be a turnoff. However, the reverse shades sit snuggly in the window and offer a range of benefits. Here’s why you need to get them for your home.

You’ll Get Your Windowsill Back

One of the biggest benefits is the placement of the blind when it rolls down. Reverse roller shades in Auburn stick close to the window. You get the windowsill back, so you can use it however you want.

Normal roller shades, whether inside mount or outside mount, tend to hang on the windowsill. You lose that space, which is great for ornaments and photos. If you want to make use of it again, you need to make sure you get reverse shades.

Reverse shades are also great for window seats. You can get the privacy of the blind closed without it getting in your way when you sit on the seat.

They Fit Behind Handles on the Window

If you have a window with a handle to open and close, you need to think carefully about your window coverings. It’s time to get reverse roller shades in Auburn.

The normal shades will roll down and hit the handle. You need outside mounted shades to get around this problem, but this can be distracting and ugly to look at. When you get reverse shades, the material rolls down the window and behind the handles.

Reverse Roller Shades in Auburn Stay Out of the Way of Little Hands

Got children or pets in the house? This is another reason to look at getting reverse shades. You will keep the material out of reach of little hands.

Okay, it’s not completely out of reach. If you have low enough windows, they will still get to the material, but they need to lean over the windowsill to do that. You can keep the material out of sight easier when it rolls inward.

Pets are also less likely to climb up the material. It’s not dangling directly in front of them, taunting them, and encouraging them to climb and break your coverings.

It’s a Seamless Look with Your Window Frames

Normal roller shades in Auburn can look beautiful, but they don’t always sit within the window neatly. You can end up with material that hands out of the window frame slightly. It creates a break in the flow of the wall that you don’t want.

Reverse shades don’t do that. They sit within the window frame, close to the window itself. You don’t break the flow, creating a seamless look for all windows.

It’s time to think more creatively with your window coverings. You don’t need to go with the normal look. It’s time to get reverse roller shades in Auburn to gain the practicality of your windows back.

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