Why You Need a Wood Composite Material for Venetian Blinds in Federal Way

You’re looking at all the benefits of different materials for venetian blinds in Federal Way. Wood composite sounds like an interesting option, but it is more expensive than vinyl, PVC, and metal blinds. The benefit is that it’s cheaper than the real deal.

If cost is a major concern, you may want to go for vinyl blinds instead. However, if you have the budget, it’s going to be worth spending the extra money for wood composite. It’s also going to be worth downgrading from real wood to a wood composite. Here’s why this is the best material for blinds.

The Wood Is Protected from the Heat

Heat causes problems with real wood blinds. The material ends up warping, which means your blinds won’t sit properly when open or closed. You don’t gain all the benefits you once did, and you’ll need to replace them sooner than you’d like. That’s not the case with venetian blinds in Federal Way made with a wood composite.

Wood composite has a wooden layer in the middle. It’s then protected with a vinyl or PVC-type material. This protection is resistant to heat damage, so the wood isn’t able to warp with the heat. It’s going to last much longer than the more expensive real wood options.

Protective Layers Prevent Yellowing in Venetian Blinds in Federal Way

You’ll want to spend a little more than you would on vinyl or PVC blinds. These types of materials can end up damaged from the UV rays coming through the window. With a wood composite, the protective layer has UVA coverage to protect from the rays.

Real wood can also discolor in the UV rays. And there’s no way to avoid the rays coming through the windows. Instead, you need something that isn’t going to suffer the damage.

The material isn’t going to discolor. You end up with blinds that always look good to hang in the windows.

They look Like the Real Deal

Do you want real wood venetian blinds in Federal Way because of the way they look? This makes sense. The real wood does offer a sense of sophistication to the room, and you may have dreamt of this look as a child.

You don’t need to spend the money on real wood to get the look, though. Wood composite has real wood on the inside of the protective layer. That protective layer isn’t designed to take away from the natural aesthetics either. You don’t end up with something that looks like it’s vinyl or PVC.

It’s possible to look like you have the real wood blinds in your home. Since the wood composite lasts for longer, the real wood look will last for decades. This isn’t what you get with the more expensive options on the market.

It’s time to spend your money wisely. If you have the budget available for real wood, “downgrade” to a wood composite. You’ll find the material makes an excellent long-term option for venetian blinds in Federal Way.

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