Why Insulation Is Important with Sliding Door Blinds in Federal Way

You’ll hear all about the different types of window coverings for sliding doors. It doesn’t really matter which type of sliding door blinds in Federal Way you invest in if they don’t offer one major benefit. It’s all about insulation.

The sliding doors are going to be large. And they’re large panes of glass. We all know that we lose a lot of heat in the winter through the windows, and your sliding doors are going to be a major concern. Here’s why the blinds need to be good insulators.

You’re Losing a Lot of Heat

Houses lose around 30% of their heat through the windows. That’s just through normal windows. When you have sliding doors, you’re going to lose more. This is a huge window covering the whole back of the house, and the heat wants to warm up the air outside. You need sliding door blinds in Federal Way to prevent that.

Think about the amount of money you can save on your heating bills with the right window coverings. When you get insulation around the doors, you’ll be able to prevent the heat loss, so you don’t need to use the heating as often. The air inside remains more consistent.

At the same time, you need to manage light levels and privacy with your blinds. You’ll also want to think about managing the rising temperatures in the summer, but none of that stops insulation from being important.

Circulate the Air Back Into the Home

As well as insulation, you’ll want to think about circulating the air back into the home. With the right sliding door blinds in Federal Way, you can get this. Cellular blinds are popular options, and they do work around patio doors. You can get those that slide open and close sideways instead of up and down!

The cellular shades will help to trap the heat from escaping. While the material doesn’t feel that thick, the cells will hold onto some of the heat, making the area around the windows feel warmer. A lot of other blinds simply block the heat loss, but cell shades trick the heat into thinking the air is already warmer. The heating doesn’t want to escape through the windows as much as it would otherwise.

Then the heat within these sliding door blinds in Federal Way will be circulated back into the home. This further creates warmth in the room, meaning you don’t need to use the heating as often. The space is more consistent in temperature levels, so you feel comfortable whatever the time of day or night.

You keep the light with cell shades as they’re not blackout window coverings. These blinds are room darkening or light filtering—depending on the exact material—so they will allow natural light even when closed.

When looking for sliding door blinds in Federal Way, you need to look at the insulation benefits. During the winter, this is the most important need for this part of the house. Otherwise, you’re going to lose a lot of heat.

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