Why Drapes in Burien Get an Unfair Bad Reputation

You’re looking for window coverings for your new home and you’ve come across drapes in Burien. Initially, you want to say no. Before you do, why are you thinking no?

Drapes tend to get a bad reputation and it’s all linked to the old-school view of drapes. Before you turn them down, it’s worth looking at why they’re considered a bad choice and how modern-day technology and materials have led to drapes being an excellent option for your home.

They Tend to Look Old

One of the most common reasons for people turning drapes down is because they look “old.” They can come across as pretentious or regal. In the past, they were one of the more expensive additions to the home and were commonly found in stately homes and manors.

However, times have changed. Drapes in Burien are now among the cheapest options for your home. They no longer only come in thick, dark materials. While you can still get some in velvet and deep colors, others come in linen, cotton, and other lighter materials and shades.

It’s possible to get a modern style in your home. With the right colors and material, you can create a contemporary feeling, while gaining all the benefits.

Drapes in Burien Create a Stuffy Atmosphere

Because of the materials and the color, there are many who think that drapes create a stuffy atmosphere. For sure, even modern drapes can be great for keeping the heat in the home, but that doesn’t mean they look stuffy. You don’t get that sense of claustrophobia with them in the home.

This is, again, down to the colors and materials that you choose. Dark colors close in a room and can lead to this sense of excess heat. You’re left feeling warm and closed in.

Drapes in Burien now come in a variety of lighter and brighter colors. You can make a small room look wider and brighter with the right colors. A white, cream, or even light grey can work wonders.

You still get all the benefits of drapes, too. A set of thermal drapes are good for keeping the physical temperatures consistent, but you don’t feel stuffy psychologically.

They Don’t Offer Enough Choice

Open or closed. Those are your only options when you get drapes. At least, that’s the way it feels. However, there is something to say for the benefits of drapes in Burien. There’s no need to just create a blackout effect or only allow all the light in.

For starters, it will all depend on the material. You can get a set of sheer drapes with your regular options. The sheer drapes will offer privacy and reduce the glare, while you let some of the natural light in. During a night, you can shut the outer drapes, so you get the extra privacy, warmth, and light control.

It’s also possible to get a set of drapes that are just light filtering. They don’t completely block out the sunlight, creating a sense of openness and brightness without the glare.

Don’t rule out drapes in Burien right away. You may be surprised at how they can benefit your décor.

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