Why Cellular Shades in Federal Way Are a Must in Your Child’s Room

When it comes to window treatments, many new parents will think about color and functionality. However, there’s much more to consider. You want to think about the light that the blinds let in and whether the treatments keep temperatures consistent. Then there’s the safety feature. All of these are benefits you’ll gain from cellular shades in Federal Way.

Also called cell or honeycomb shades, these types of window coverings are all you’ll need for your child’s room. Not 100% sold yet? I get it. Here are the top reasons you need them in your child’s room.

They Are Completely Cord Free

One thing that is easy to overlook about any type of window treatment is the cord. This is a part of coverings that has been common and expected. However, it’s one of the most dangerous and has led to some serious accidents. More manufacturers are creating window coverings without cords at all.

Cellular shades in Federal Way now mostly only come cord free. You lose absolutely no functionality without the cord and you actually gain more benefits. There’s no need to worry about paying extra, as some manufacturers now only sell cordless features. This is especially when you want child-focused blinds and shades.

You can sleep with the peace of mind that your child is safe in their room. You don’t need to worry about accidents when they’re playing.

Cellular Shades in Federal Way Offer Temperature Control

You’ll hear many experts say that your child’s room should never drop below 18 degrees C. That’s especially the case for a baby. The problem is that often means keeping the heating on throughout the night or even throughout the day in the middle of winter. Babies are expensive but you can’t always afford the heating bills.

So, you need to look for other ways to keep the temperatures consistent in the room. The best option is by preventing the heat from escaping. Cellular shades in Federal Way help to do that. The shades are designed to circulate air back into the room after trapping it in the honeycombs.

You’ll use the heating less in the home. The same benefit comes in the summer, when you manage to prevent the heat coming into the home, so you don’t use the air conditioning as much.

They Can Come in Blackout Material

If you need blackout shades in your home, you’re in luck. You can get cellular shades in Federal Way in a blackout material. This doesn’t mean buying black, either. The shades will have an aluminum coating in the honeycombs to prevent the light coming in and you get more thermal benefits with it.

However, you don’t need to choose blackout shades if you don’t want. There are light filtering and room darkening options. If you sometimes need a blackout effect, you can easily double up with a set of drapes or curtains.

It’s time to look at the benefits of your window coverings for individual rooms. Cellular shades in Federal Way are among the best options at a low price for your child’s room.

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