What Color Should Your Plantation Shutters in Burien Be?

 You know that you want a set of plantation shutters in Burien in every single room. There are a bunch of benefits to gain, especially when you own your home. With one decision out of the way, there’s another decision to make. What color do you choose for your plantation shutters?

 There are various considerations to make. Some of the considerations are going to depend on the material of the shutters, but you’ll also need to think of the décor of your home. Here are the top tips to help you choose the best color for your plantation shutters.

 Real Wood Needs Natural Coloring

 You’ll want to consider the material of your plantation shutters in Burien. If you’ve got real wood shutters, there’s no better coloring than the natural one. You will immediately bring out the great look of the shutters and create a rustic feel in the home. 

It is possible to varnish the shutters. This will help to protect the material, while also making the natural coloring stand out. 

Work with White Plantation Shutters in Burien

 One of the best colors for your shutters has to be white. It’s bright and will reflect the light around your home. Even the smallest of rooms will feel much bigger than they really are, helping to offer a sense of comfort and ease.

 White is also one of the easiest colors to work with any other décor choices. You get a minimalistic style easily, while also getting something that doesn’t need to change when your décor changes. You’ll be surprised by the benefits.

 Go Bold with Your Shutters

 There’s nothing wrong with going bold and making a statement. You can work with the orange throws you have on your couch or the topaz blue tiles in your bathroom. Bring an element of the room out through your plantation shutters in Burien

When doing this, consider keeping the outside of the shutters white. The side that faces the curb should match around the home. This removes the issue of “Skittle windows” and will continue to add value to the home.

 Make a Statement With Black Shutters

 While not the most popular color, black plantation shutters in Burien can be an excellent choice. They help to make a dramatic statement in the home, because these shutters will immediately stand out. You can create a chromatic setting within the home and easily match other decorative or function items, such as your TV and stand, black countertops in the kitchen, and more.

 Black shutters can also be beneficial in the winter. The color absorbs the heat, helping to prevent it escaping through your window. There’s also a closed in feeling, which can leave you feeling mentally warmer in the room.

 At the end of the day, the color of your plantation shutters in Burien will depend on what you want to gain from your windows. You’ll need to think of the material of the shutters and décor in the home. There’s no right or wrong answer for your own shutters.

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