What Color Should Your Cornice in Auburn Be?

You’re adding a cornice in Auburn to each of your windows. There are many benefits to doing this, and they’re the reason you’ve chosen this option. Now it’s time to make your cornice work for the rest of your home.

Something to consider is a color for your wooden boards. Remember that these are on the more permanent side than a valance, so you’ll want to think carefully about the color of your cornices. Here are the considerations to make to choose the right color for your needs.

Keep It Neutral for Any Change to Your Décor

Because a cornice in Auburn is on the more permanent side, you’ll want to consider what this means in five or 10 years. Do you change your décor regularly? We’re not talking about seasonal additions like your Christmas trees or flowers for the summer. Some people like to add a new style to their space every few years.

If you change your décor, you’ll want to keep your cornices on the neutral side. This can mean white or cream, or it could mean sticking with natural wood colors. The neutral tones will be easier to work with other window coverings and décor needs.

While you can pick a bold color, this will need to become the base for any new décor changes. The other option is that you change the cornice each time, which is going to end up expensive.

Opt for Fabric Over the Cornice in Auburn

There are ways around the problem of changing the cornice because of color. You can manage it all through fabric coverings. You’ll need to take the cornice down each time. Then you’ll need to remove the stapled covering and replace with another one. However, you’re getting something that suits your own style and works for whatever décor you’ve chosen this time.

Over time, this is going to get a little too much. Think of all the holes you’re putting in the back of the wood. You’ll damage the integrity of it if you do it too often. However, changing it every five years or so isn’t going to be too bad.

What Color Window Coverings Do You Have?

It may not be about the décor in the home. You may just change your window coverings regularly, and you’ll need to think about how this changes your cornice in Auburn.

If you have a neutral color, you don’t need to do anything for your cornice. It will work for all types of styles and colors you have. This is a great way to minimize the cost of all the changes. When you opt for another color of cornice, you’ll need to update the color with the changes to your window coverings.

You can still get the fabric coverings to help with this. However, if you find yourself constantly changing your options, a valance could be better instead.

You can work with any color cornice in Auburn you want. It’s your home and style. However, you’ll want to think about potential changes in the future to minimize the costs of new cornices in the future.

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