What Are the Best Blinds for French Doors in Federal Way?

Your French patio doors look absolutely beautiful. You get plenty of light in when you need it. However, the windows can cause a major problem for privacy and heat loss. You need blinds for French doors in Federal Way, but this isn’t all that easy.

 You can’t just get any type of blind for the doors. You need something that won’t get in the way of the handles, while offering all the benefits you need against the windows. Here are the best options for French door blinds.

 Get a Set of Mini Blinds for the Windows

 The most common option is to opt for a set of mini blinds. They look like venetian blinds for French doors in Federal Way, but they’re smaller in size. Many of them are made just for French doors, so the material fits neatly within the window of the door. Of course, not all French doors are made the same, so you’ll need to measure to make sure the blinds are the right size. 

The downside is that they can swing when you open and close the door. You’ll need something that keeps the blinds in place to avoid getting in the way of the handles. 

Choose Roller Shades to Cover the Windows 

Mini blinds for French doors in Federal Way can be expensive. You want something affordable or maybe something that you don’t mind replacing in a few years because you rent and don’t own. This is where roller shades or blinds are perfect.


You can get them custom made to fit the windows exactly. This helps to avoid gaps so you can gain plenty of heating benefits. It’s also easy to keep the shades pinned to the frame without affecting movement, keeping them away from the door handles. 

Get Honeycomb Blinds for French Doors in Federal Way

 If you want something more energy efficient than roller blinds but still like the affordability factor, then it’s all about honeycomb blinds. They will fit perfectly inside the window frame, usually sitting on a runner so you don’t have to worry about them getting in the way of the door handle.


Honeycomb shades circulate the air. They’ll push the hot air back into the room, so you gain more heating benefits at a lower upfront cost than any other window treatment.

 Keep It Simple With Drapes 

One of the easiest options for your French doors would be to choose drapes or curtains. Won’t they get in the way of the handles or the way the doors open? This will depend on the type of curtains or drapes you get.

 You can get a set that hand on wires within the window frame on the doors. They keep the covering contained, away from the door handles. And you can use ties to keep the material out of the way when you want to let the light through the window. They’re not blinds for French doors in Federal Way, but they’re better than nothing at all!

 Look out for something that’s not just practical but also affordable. You’ll be amazed by the amount of options there are when it comes to blinds for French doors in Federal Way.

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