The Dos and Don’ts of Hanging Draperies in Federal Way

Now that you have your draperies in Federal Way, it’s time to hang them. One of the great things about drapes is they’re easy to install. However, that doesn’t mean you can just hang them any way you want. It’s important to get them to hang just right to create a beautiful, flowing style regardless of color and material.

Here are a list of dos and don’ts when it comes to hanging your drapes. With these tips, you’ll have window coverings that offer the most benefits and look good at the same time.

Do: Hang to Work with Your Window

If you have a sliding window, you don’t need to have traditional draperies in Federal Way. Consider using an asymmetrical style, hanging from the side that the windows open. The idea is to get the window and drapes to open in the same direction, creating a flow and ease when using your windows throughout the year.

Other types of windows benefit the most from symmetrical-hanging drapes. Work with the window and the flow of the room to your advantage.

Don’t: Place Furniture Nearby

You want the view of the drapes to be seamless and flawless. That means avoiding furniture that will cover the drapes. This is especially important if you have children or pets.

Cats love to climb and they can reach your draperies in Federal Way off the back of couches or on stools. Children will be able to grab and when they’re at the crawling stage, they’ll grab anything. The last thing you want is for the drapes to fall down.

Do: Work on the Pleats

Not all drapes have pleats. If yours don’t, you can skip this point. However, if they’re meant to, you’ll want to make sure they sit properly. You’ll likely need to work on the pleats before you hang the drapes. Use small sewing pins for hems to help keep the pleats in the right place. Once the material is trained, you can then remove the pins and they’ll sit properly again.

Have drapes that are too long for your window? You’ll also want to work on the pooling at the bottom.

Do: Get a Larger Curtain Rod

Try not to skimp on the curtain rod. You need this to be larger than your window and larger than the full area your drapes in Federal Way will cover. The ends of the rod should stick out at the sides, unless you have a rod that specifically curls around and back into the wall to create a full cover effect.

When your curtain rod is too small, the drapes will fall off. They also won’t pool and pleat properly when open and you’ll crease the material.

Take time to look at the placement of your drapes in Federal Way. How are they going to hang and what look do you want to achieve with them? This will affect how you physically hang your drapes and the types of pleating and pooling steps you take pre-hanging.

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