Should You Hide Your Drape Rods with a Valance in Auburn?

You’ve heard of using a valance in Auburn to hide the top of their windows. This is often to hide the top of the curtains or blinds, usually to hide the rods. Do you need to do this?

Not everyone is going to need or even want a valance. There’s no wrong or right answers when it comes to window coverings, as long as you’re happy with the living space. Here’s how to decide if a valance is right for you or even if you need to hide your rod.

What Type of Rod Do You Have?

Let’s start with the type of rod you have for your window coverings. If you have a plain rod, the idea of covering up could come to mind. You want the top of your window to continue the flow of your décor, but you can’t afford or find a rod that works for this. The valance in Auburn is the perfect way to do it.

But what if your rod stands out for its own reasons? What if the rod has bits at the side that match other décor in your room? What if you just want to show off the rods that you bought for your curtains? If this is the case, there’s absolutely no need to get a valance.

Your friends may have valances, but you can keep the décor you want. If those rods were bought to show off, then show them off!

Is Your Rod Looking Worn?

Over time, the rod can start to look worn. This is common with faux or real wood as the material could start to break down or the paint could chip. If you have a metal rod, it could have become scratched over the years. You may want to find something to cover up the rod instead of just replacing it.

This is where a valance in Auburn is a great choice. The material will sit over the top of the rod, covering all the blemishes that may have formed over the years. There’s no need to be embarrassed by the sight of the rods anymore.

You can even do this if you originally had rods designed to stand out. In the majority of cases, you’ll want to take off any embellishments on the sides of the rods to avoid them getting tangled in the valance material.

Do You Want a Valance in Auburn?

Be honest with yourself. Do you really want the material over the top of your windows? Not everyone does, and it’s okay to say that you don’t want it either.

Your windows may be too small for the material to look good. Or you may just want your windows to look naked because you want to show off the woodwork around the frame. It’s not always about covering up the rods for your drapes or curtains.

A valance in Auburn can look good. Valances do offer some decorative benefits. However, that doesn’t mean a valance is the right window covering for you.

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