Should You Add Window Valances in Auburn to Your Other Window Treatments?

Window valances in Auburn are beauty treatments that hang at the top of the window. They offer little in terms of practical benefits, but they are excellent for the décor. It’s common to hang them with other types of window treatments so you get both practical and décor benefits.

But should you hang them with other window treatments? Which window coverings work best with a set of window valances? Here’s a look at the top four considerations before you buy valances.

Will They Match with the Window Coverings?

We’ll start with matching. There are many types of window treatments you can install, whether you want permanent window shutters or you’re looking for a set of temporary curtains. When you get window valances in Auburn, you need to make sure they match your coverings.

This doesn’t mean the colors need to match. You can have neutral shutters but add some extra oomph with bold colored valances. It’s about the style matching. You don’t want a set of Victorian-inspired drapes but a modern-day valance hanging over the top!

Will You End Up with Too Much Noise?

Assess the feeling you get when you’re looking at the windows. Will window valances in Auburn add too much noise to your windows? In other words, do you end up with an overwhelming feeling because so much is going on in this little space of the room?

Being overwhelmed isn’t good. You end up feeling stressed and uncomfortable in your own home. You want to look for window coverings that help to add to the style and keep you calm. This could mean no valances.

Can Window Valances in Auburn Add Texture to the Windows?

If you’re going to add a valance, make sure it adds texture. Blinds and shutters can need valances. The material helps to add color to what could be a boring window covering to look at. You create beauty around what are usually neutral window coverings. The blinds can end up blending in with the window frame, creating a flat-looking window, but the valance will add texture.

You can also get this with your drapes. Get a matching valance and you have something that hangs around the windows, even when your drapes are open. You frame the window along three sides, getting the texture around the frames that you desire.

Do You Even Really Want Them Hanging in Your Windows?

While you can hang your window valances in Auburn with your other window coverings, you need to be honest with yourself. Do you even want to hang them? Not everyone does, and it’s okay if you want to keep your windows free from the material.

Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you need to. This is your house. You live there. While your parents may nag you about hanging them, you can leave the top of the window bare if you want.

There are some beautiful window valances in Auburn, and they can work with all types of window treatments. Are you going to hang them?

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