How to Make Wooden Shutters in Auburn Work for Small Rooms

A small room can be difficult to decorate. You want to add your own personality to the space, but you don’t want to make it look smaller than it really is. Wooden shutters in Auburn offer some great benefits to the home, but could they make that small room look even smaller?

This is going to depend on the type of wooden shutters you get. It depends on color and the way they fit. Here’s how to make them work just right for your small space.

Pick Out Lighter Tones When It Comes to the Wood

Color will affect the way your wooden shutters in Auburn look in the small space. Darker tones will make the space look smaller than it really is because of the way the light struggles to reflect around the room. You’ll want to avoid the darker wood tones.

This doesn’t mean you have to avoid the darker woods completely, though. You can get your shutters varnished and painted into lighter tones. A lot of people will choose to get shutters painted white. This is a great way to keep things light and neutral while getting the best type of wood on the market.

The lighter tones will reflect the light. If you want the natural color of wood, choose the lighter woods for the smaller rooms. As the light reflects, the space looks a bit larger than it really is.

Choose Wooden Shutters in Auburn That Mount Inside

You don’t want to take up a lot of space around the windows. The aim is to keep things contained as much as possible, which means looking at different ways the shutters will mount.

You can get inside-mounted or outside-mounted shutters. When it comes to small windows, opt for the inside-mounted options. There is the downside of not being able to open the shutters all the way to the wall, but there are chances you won’t actually want to open them unless you’re cleaning the windows. The louvers are enough to let the light in.

Mounting on the inside keeps the space around the windows free. If you mount on the outside, you’re using up a bit of the wall space. This makes the walls look a little smaller, and sometimes the room can look overcrowded.

Avoid Adding More Window Coverings Around the Space

A lot of people will double up their window coverings. Wooden shutters in Auburn don’t really need it, but something like drapes can help to add a splash of color around the windows. You want to avoid doubling up in a small room.

The extra material around the windows will just make the space look smaller. The whole point of inside-mounted shutters is to avoid taking up too much wall space. Secondary layers will negate your inside-mounted efforts.

Small rooms need a lot of light to make them look bigger. That means picking the right type of window coverings. Wooden shutters in Auburn will look great if you get the right styles.

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