How to Make New Cellular Shades in Federal Way With Your Current Décor

You’re replacing your current window treatments and have decided on cellular shades in Federal Way. They are beautiful additions to the home, but you may be worried about making your new shades work with your current home décor. You can make your shades work well whatever the room and current décor you have. Here are the top tips for this.

 Stick to Neutral and Light Cellular Shades

 The first thing do consider is a neutral color for your cell shades. Whether you opt for white or off-white, a light and neutral color is going to be your best friend.

 This is the easiest color to work with absolutely any other décor in your home. It doesn’t matter if you’ve gone for something minimalist or you have a futuristic style. White blends in well. Off-white can also blend in, but pure white is better.

 If you end up changing your décor, you’ll be able to keep the same cellular shades in Federal Way. The color works with any future décor ideas you may have, helping you save money in the long term.

 Another benefit of white is that it makes your home look larger. The light will reflect, helping to avoid that look of a cramped space.

 The downside of white is keeping it clean. A lot of dirt can easily show up in the color, so you will have to carry out regular maintenance.

 Choose Dark and Neutral Cellular Shades in Federal Way

 Another option is to work with neutral but go dark. You can opt for black or dark brown and they will work with any décor in the room. Black blinds are excellent if you want to make something in a contemporary, minimalistic room stand out. The black contrasts with the white.

 If you don’t want too dark, you can always work with grey. You still get the same benefits as with black or dark brown.

 One of the downsides of the darker coloring is the feeling of being closed in. You can find it hard to reflect light, which can lead to higher temperatures and a smaller appearance in the room compared to light neutrals.

 Choose One Color from the Décor

 You could help to make your current décor pop. Pick one color from that décor and use it for your cellular shades in Federal Way. It’s possible to get absolutely any color for your cell shades because they tend to be made of fabric.

 Only choose the one color. This helps to draw attention to the shades and avoid too much overwhelm. Accentuate something in the wallpaper or one of the colors in your throws or rugs.

 Keep in mind that when you change your décor, you may need to change your shades. You may want to pick the color you like the most that will be easy to work with in the future. 

Getting a new set of cellular shades in Federal Way doesn’t need to be a headache. One of the easiest things you can do is work with plain white. Otherwise, use the other tips above to match with your current décor.

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