How to Keep Your Roller Shades in Federal Way Looking as Good as New

Federal Way roller shades are an extremely popular option for window treatments. They’re practical and affordable, perfect for short-term buys, renting, and businesses. The downside is they can suffer UV damage and look worn relatively quickly. They are only shorter-term options compared to other types of treatments. You can keep your roller shades looking just like new with these top tips.

Spot Clean and Vacuum Regularly

It’s all about a little bit of maintenance now and then. The benefit of roller shades in Federal Way is they require less maintenance than some other options, but they still need some care. Getting rid of the buildup of dust is the first step, which you can do with a duster over the top of your shades or with the vacuum cleaner, gently using it against the fabric with a hose.

Now and then you’ll need to do a spot clean. This is the case if someone gets something on the shades accidentally or you see dust buildup that can cause some discoloration. Use a damp cloth with just warm soapy water to gently clean. You can usually do this while the blinds still hang.

Get UV Protective Layers

You’ll want to consider protecting the material from UV damage. It’s possible to get protective layers that go onto the Federal Way roller shades. The layers will reflect the UV rays back, rather than allowing the material to absorb and become worn. It’s the UV rays that cause bleaching and damage to the fibers in the material.

If you don’t want to put a layer on your shades, you can always use a layer on your window. It’s possible to get a treatment that goes directly on the glass. This is an option if you’ve bought your home, where you don’t need to worry about anything a landlord might say. The treatments don’t damage the windows, but not all landlords want them!

The benefit of UV treatments is that you’ll reduce the damage to your furniture and walls from the UV rays. The treatments also help to reduce the heat coming into the room, since the UV rays are reflected back.

Repair Damages Right Away

Don’t leave the damages to fix on a rainy day. You want to make the repairs as soon as possible. If you have a few loose threads on the side, manage them quickly so they don’t get caught on something and unravel more. A little clear nail polish can help some materials avoid fraying even more!

You’ll also need to repair damage to the roller section and cord if that occurs—if you do have corded Federal Way roller shades. Broken cords become tangled and your blinds are no longer usable.

Looking after your roller shades in Federal Way will help to keep the long-term damage to a minimum. You’ll still need to replace them more frequently than the likes of shutters and faux wood blinds, but they remain as good as new for longer and brighten up your home better.

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