How to Clean Your Vertical Blinds in SeaTac

Vertical blind sin SeaTac are excellent for larger and long windows and those with a sliding design. The blinds move in the same direction, avoiding anything getting in the way so you have full use of your windows. But you want to make sure you can clean these blinds.

The downside of vertical blinds is that they can be high up. You’ll also likely have a runner that you need to get into. So, just how difficult are they to clean? You may be pleasantly surprised.

Regular Dusting and Wiping Down

One of the most regular things you’ll need to do is dust. It’s worth wiping down the blinds on a daily basis, just to prevent too much daily dust and debris building up along the slats. You’ll usually find more collects towards the bottom, often where little hands and four-legged friends get to.

You can also get a duster to run along the top of the blinds and into the runner. A build up of dust in the runner can stop your vertical blinds in SeaTac opening and closing.

This is something you can do regardless of the materials used. You just need a duster or dry cloth, preferably a magnetic one, to get rid of the initial buildup.

Damp Cloths for Stubborn Stains

Sometimes little hands will think it’s a good idea to grab the blinds. Or you may find the blinds have been drawn on. A damp cloth is the best way to tackle the issue, especially on fabric blinds. If you have vinyl or faux wood blinds, you may find a little dish detergent also helps.

Fabric blinds in SeaTac need to be dabbed clean. If you scrub, you risk damaging the material and spreading the stain. Vinyl blinds don’t really have this problem, so you can be a little more persistent on the spot until you get rid of the mark.

The sooner you tackle the stain the better. Leaving it there will allow it to soak into the material, especially if you have fabric blinds.

There’s No Need to Remove Vertical Blinds in SeaTac

Don’t worry about removing your vertical blinds. They’re designed to remain hanging throughout their lifetime, unless a stain is so bad that you need to put some elbow grease behind it.

When you are cleaning a slat, place your hand behind, so you have something gentle to push against. This helps to keep the slat steady while you do your cleaning. When dusting, you shouldn’t find sturdiness is a problem.

Cleaning the top of the blinds, just above the runner, is usually the trickiest due to the height. Make sure you get a good step ladder to reach up or ask a friend or relative to help for safety reasons.

Look after your blinds in SeaTac and they’ll last a good amount of time. With the above cleaning tips, you’ll find your blinds look just like new for years until it becomes time to replace them or you’re ready for a change.

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