How to Choose the Perfect Color for Your Roller Shades in Orchard Park

You’ve decided on getting roller shades in Orchard Park for your home. There are certainly many benefits to getting these affordable window coverings. Now the decision you need to make is on the color.

Because of the fabric material, you can get the shades in any color with patterns and shapes if you’d like. So, how do you decide on the right color for you?

Different Colors or the Same for Each Room?

Something you’ll need to choose first is whether each room will have the same color or if you’re going to choose a different color for each room needs. There are pros and cons to both of these decisions. The benefit of same coloring is that from the outside you don’t get a Skittle window effect. However, you run the risk of losing the personality in the individual rooms.

You may be able to find roller shades in Orchard Park that are the same color on the side that faces the window but a different color on the side that shows into the room. These may cost extra so it depends on the Skittle effect and how much you’re bothered by it.

If you are bothered, try a neutral color that you can build upon. A white or cream is often perfect, and you can add drapes or different paint colors to make the room color stand out.

Neutral as a Base

Even if you’re not bothered about the Skittle window effect, there are some rooms that will benefit with a neutral color. White is one of the easiest to use as a base and build upon. You can add coloring through a set of drapes, the throws and blankets around the room, or even through furniture and ornaments.

White or another neutral color tends to work well in the living room, the dining room, or a small room. Light roller shades in Orchard Park reflect the light, so smaller rooms look bigger.

Stand Out with Something Bold

Choose your favorite color and stand out with it from your windows. This is great if you have neutral walls that you can’t change the color of – or that you don’t want to change the colors of. The shades add that splash of color, drawing the attention to the windows.

Make sure the color matches other elements in the home. Match with the cushions on a couch or the blanket on the bed.

Think of Feelings from the Colors of Roller Shades in Orchard Park

Finally, consider the feelings and emotions that you get from the colors. Every color will have a psychological effect on your body. Some colors will invoke negative emotions and others will bring out the positive ones.

If you want to add a sense of summer to a room, choose sky blue, yellow, or orange. Need a sensual color for the bedroom? A deep red can be perfect. You can also add green or browns if you want a rustic feeling in the home.

This about the feelings and decide whether your windows are the base or the part that stands out. You’ll soon have the perfect color for your roller shades in Orchard Park.

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