How to Choose Roman Shades in SeaTac for the Summer Months

During the summer months, you’ll want to let as much light into your home as possible. It’s important to make use of the longer days and enjoy the brightness and sun. But you always want a set of roman shades in SeaTac that are practical.

 Just because you want to let the light in doesn’t mean you want to deal with the glare. You may want to keep a space clear and bright, but you also want it to be comfortable. That means you need to think carefully about the colors and stylesof your roman shades for the summer months.

 Keep It Simple with White

 The best color to choose for the summer months is white. It’s light and crisp, allowing the light to reflect from it and making the rooms look brighter and larger than they really are. You can also place a mirror opposite to help build on that effect.

 White is also an easy color to manage with your décor. You can keep the roman shades in SeaTac up throughout the year and easily add another layer of window coverings throughout the winter for more heating benefits.

 Darker colors make the room feel closed in and small. They create the sense of warmth, which you want in the winter months. Lighter colors make it feel like the warmth is already there.

 But that doesn’t mean you only need plain white. Add yellows or oranges to help bring a sense of the beach and the sun to your home. You could also add navy stripes to make you think of the Navy and the water. Keep the coloring simple and avoid intricate patterns. Bigger patterns will make you think of homes that need warming throughout the year due to poor heating.

 Opt for Thinner Materials for Roman Shades in SeaTac

 As well as the lighter colors, you also want to pick the lighter materials. Choose something thinner to help bring more light into your home. You can reduce the glare with the material, but you don’t create a blackout effect. There’s no need to use the electricity during the day – unless it’s an extremely bad storm, that is!

 The thinner material allows the light to be filtered. You get rid of the glare and the UV rays but you don’t’ lose out on the daylight. You can allow the light to reflect around the home, without feeling like you’re missing out. 

These types of roman shades in SeaTac aren’t great for locking the heat into a room but that’s not what you want to do in the winter. Because they block the UV rays, they reduce the heat rising throughout the day, so you use the air conditioning less. You’ll keep the electricity bills down on a daily basis.

 Roman shades in SeaTac look absolutely beautiful. You can get a set that will work perfectly for your home during the summer months. These can even work year-round with a secondary window treatment in the winter. You’ll be surprised what the right set of window coverings will do for your home.

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