Four Types of Blackout Blinds in Auburn

You want a set of blackout blinds in Auburn for your home. Whether you want something for a child’s bedroom, or you need something for your home theater room or an office where you deal with a lot of camera equipment, you’ll want to block all the natural light into the room.

Many people will initially think of roller shades for the blackout effect. While they are certainly effective and popular, they’re not the only options. Here are four types of blackout blinds to consider.

Choose Slat Blinds (Vertical or Horizontal)

Start with a set of slat blinds for your home. You can choose vertical or horizontal depending on the type of window you have, meaning that you have practical and beneficial window treatments for your home.

Slat blinds tend to be made of a thicker-than-fabric material. You can get real wood, faux wood, vinyl, or aluminum. There are plenty of others too, but those four are the most popular. The thickness and solidness of the materials help to block all the light coming into the room.

One of the major benefits of these blackout blinds in Auburn is that you can allow light in when you want. You can twist the slats to allow natural light in and then close them completely when you want the blackout effect.

Roman Shades

A second popular type of blackout shade is a roman shade. While the material is fabric, it tends to be thicker than most other fabric blinds to give the blackout effect.

You may want to choose a darker color, but this will depend on the exact type of roman shade. You can get lighter colors if the material is thick enough to block the light, making it easy to get something that works for all décor needs.

Roman shades tend to look best in bedrooms, especially guest or master bedrooms. They can look a little too regal or sophisticated for a child’s bedroom.

Dual Blackout Blinds in Auburn

A more modern invention is a dual set of shades. These can offer you the benefit of both light filtering and blackout but with a fabric material. They’re perfect for almost every room in the home.

Dual shades have a solar shade panel and a blackout shade panel. Both can be pulled up and down as you like them, allowing you to let all the natural light in without the glare through the use of the solar shade and then completely block out the light and offer more privacy with the blackout portion. They’re popular for bedrooms and conservatories.

Track Panel Blinds

If you have a sliding window, you may think your blackout blinds in Auburn options are limited. That’s not the case. Single track panels are excellent. They slide on and off like vertical blinds but they’re more like roller or cordless shades turned on their side.

You get the benefit of different colors and can choose how much light you want to block out. Pull on one of the panels just to filter the light or all the panels to black it completely out.

It’s time to look at all your options for blackout blinds in Auburn. You may be surprised by the amount of choices you actually have.

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