Everything to Know About Blackout Window Curtains in Burien Before You Buy

Before you get any type of window covering, you need to make sure it’s the right option for your needs. Blackout window curtains in Burien can be popular options, especially when it comes to the bedrooms. How do you know if they’re right for your needs? Here’s everything you need to know to help you make your decision.

Blackout Curtains Do More than Block Out Light

While the ability to turn daylight into night in a room is the biggest benefit of buying blackout curtains, that’s not the only reason. The curtains will offer far more benefits, especially when it comes to protecting your home.

For one, they completely block out the view into your home. When the blackout window curtains in Burien are closed, nobody can see into the room to see what you’re doing. You can live more comfortably and not worry about your nosy neighbors.

At the same time, the curtains will block out all the UV rays coming into the home. Your furniture, flooring, and paintwork are protected from the harmful UV rays. You don’t suffer from as many sun spots and bleaching. The blackout curtains are made with a lining offering extra protection against the rays so they’re more durable than many other window coverings.

Blackout Curtains in Burien Are Lighter than Drapes

If you’re trying to choose between curtains and drapes, you’ll want to consider blackout curtains. Curtains are traditionally thinner and lighter. They don’t look as classic or as regal, which can help to set a more minimalistic and contemporary look in the home.

The problem is the curtains tend to be thinner and allow more light in. That’s not the case for blackout curtains. They have the darkening effect built into them and are designed to block the light coming through. However, they do this will less material than drapes, so they remain lighter and more minimalistic.

Drapes still don’t tend to offer a complete blackout effect. You need to get blackout drapes, which are thicker than the standard ones and appear heavier.

You Can Get a Range of Colors and Styles

Gone are the days where your blackout window curtains in Burien came in one standard black color. Technology and materials have developed since the curtains were first used. Now you can get blackout curtains in all sorts of colors and styles.

You can even get white blackout curtains! Yes, really! You can get pink, red, green, blue, and any other color you want. There are hooked curtains and rod pocket styles. Whatever you want, you’ll be able to get with a blackout effect.

The darkening effect is all in the material. It’s like choosing curtains over drapes. You get more choice and still keep the style and benefits.

Blackout window curtains in Burien could be just the type of treatments you need. They offer a range of benefits, helping you to reduce the amount of UV rays coming in and keep your home private from onlookers. Now you just need to decide on the rooms they’re going in and the styles you’ll pick.

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