Cheapest Types of Window Coverings in Auburn for Renters

When you’re renting an apartment or a house, you want to avoid too many costs that you don’t gain from. Window coverings in Auburn are often your responsibility. However, many window treatments are costly upfront because they’re designed to be long-term investments.

You don’t have the time to gain back from the investment of shutters or venetian blinds. Here are the cheapest types of window coverings that are best for renters.

Opt for Curtains or Drapes

The cheapest and easiest types of window treatments are going to be curtains or drapes. These can also be considered the best for renters because of the minimal damage done to the window frames. It’s possible to get drapes that hang on tension rods, so no drilling into the frames or above the windows is needed.

Drapes are thicker than curtains. However, curtains can be great when you want to gain the light control and aren’t necessarily concerned about long-term heating benefits. Either way, you get something that is pre-made and comes in a fabric material to keep the costs way down.

Choose Roller Shades for the Windows

Roller shades are certainly worth considering. These types of window coverings in Auburn are a step up from curtains or drapes, but they can still create less damage than some other types of window treatments. You can still look at tension rods instead of drilling into the wall.

Roller shades come in a variety of styles and colors. You can get solar shades, room darkening options, or even blackout blinds for the home. The type you get will depend on what you want to gain exactly from your window treatments.

One of the great benefits is color. Because the shades are made of fabric, you get full choice of color and style. This makes it easier to add your personality to a rented property without permanent changes.

Look at Woven Wood Window Coverings in Auburn

If you want something that looks professional and offers a range of benefits but still has a low cost, it’s going to be about woven wood. This is slightly more expensive than roller shades, but you can still get something that is easy to source and comes pre-made in many occasions.

A major benefit is that this material works for all rooms. You can manage the windows in the kitchen or bathrooms without worrying about long-term damage.

Consider Cellular Shades for All Benefits

Finally, look at getting a set of cellular shades for each of the windows. These window coverings in Auburn are made of fabric to keep the costs down, but they offer the best long-term benefits for fabric treatments. The cells help to circulate air better than other window coverings.

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