Can You Use Roman Blinds in Federal Way with HOA Rules in Place?

You’ve moved into a place with HOA rules. There are a lot of downsides to housing associations when it comes to some of the rules. After all, they can affect the way you decorate your home, including the type of window coverings you can get. You want roman blinds in Federal Way, but are they going to be any good against the HOA rules?

This is going to depend on your exact HOA rules. In most cases, the rule is to have one color facing the outside on all windows. There may even be the rule of one specific color for all houses. Roman blinds could be a great option for all needs.

You Can Get the Same Colored Roman Blinds in Federal Way

The first thing to consider is the benefit of color choice. Your HOA may have a rule that all windows need to show the same color. It doesn’t matter what color it is as long as every window looks the same. The idea is to avoid bringing down the look of the area with Skittles windows (when every window shows a different color).

You have the choice of color when it comes to your roman blinds. This means you can pick the same color for every single window in the house, making it easy to follow the rules set by the housing association.

The downside is you have the same color in each of the rooms. This can affect the décor on the inside of the room. So, what options do you have here?

Opt for Plain White Roman Blinds for Inside Décor Needs

A great thing about roman blinds in Federal Way is that you can also get neutral colors. Plain white or cream are popular when it comes to HOA rules. In fact, some housing associations will say that you need to have white only showing to the outside. This helps to keep all houses in the area the same to boost the curb appeal.

This doesn’t mean your rooms inside need to look plain. You can add whatever décor you want, with the white of the window coverings working as a neutral base. You can also find some roman shades that are white on the outside but have a pattern or another color on the inside.

Make Roman Shades Work as a Primary Layer

Who says that you can only have one set of window coverings hanging? Roman blinds in Federal Way are excellent as primary layers. They will block the UV rays during the day without necessarily blocking out all the light. You get immediate privacy, and they are good for heating benefits. Get plain white as a primary layer to work in line with the HOA rules.

Then you can get a secondary layer on the inside of your home. This layer isn’t visible because of the roman shades. You can make them work for whatever décor you choose on the inside of your home.

It’s time to work with the HOA rules in a way that suits you. Now is a great time to consider roman blinds in Federal Way.

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