Can Curtains in Burien Work to Manage UV Damage from Large Windows?

Large windows are inviting. They offer plenty of light, which helps to boost the mood. There’s a major downside to them, though. Large windows mean a lot of UV damage can occur in the home. You may be limited to your window coverings and need curtains in Burien to manage the levels of UV rays coming into your home.

There are some other window coverings, but you’ll need to get custom options. Curtains tend to come slightly larger and you can use multiple panels together easily. But will this window covering be the best for managing that UV damage that can occur?

You’ll need to make sure you use the curtains effectively throughout the day. Here are some tips to help.

Consider Sheer Curtains for Daytime Use

While curtains will block out all the rays coming into the home, you end up blocking out a lot of light as well. You want something that will reduce glare without getting rid of light. Sheer curtains in Burien can be perfect for this need.

The material is designed to filter the light. You can keep the sheer curtains closed throughout the day without plunging a room into darkness. At the same time, you block the view from the outside, offering yourself more privacy.

Sheer material works very similar to solar shades for conservatories. The difference is you have the panels and you can brush the curtains to one side when you need to.

Sheer curtains can also work well with thicker curtains on a night. The sheer material is a lining to protect other curtain material from damage. The downside is the sheer material will degrade over time from the UV rays, but they’re usually easily affordable to replace.

Use the Panels on Curtains in Burien Strategically

You won’t need to block the whole window to prevent the UV rays from shining through and damaging furniture, walls, and carpets. Sometimes, you’ll just need to block the light from strategic points in the home. Curtains come with separate panels and you can use individual panels strategically.

Block the section where the sun is shining through. Look at where the UV rays are coming in and stop them. You prevent the damage without blocking out all the light from your home.

Keep the curtains light so they reflect the rays instead of soaking them in. This helps to prevent the material from degrading from the UV rays. You’ll also want to look at getting a lining placed, especially if you have thicker curtains for warmth at other times of the day.

If you have darker, thicker drapes, you’ll want to think about the set of sheer drapes to double up. Thicker drapes degrade quickly from the UV rays.

It’s important to protect your home from UV rays. Of course, that doesn’t mean you want to get rid of all the light that comes through your large windows. Curtains in Burien are effective, especially for the space, but you need to get the right type of curtains and use them properly for maximum effect.

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