Are Your Roman Blinds in Tukwila Ruining Your Curb Appeal?

One of the benefits of getting indoor window treatments is that you can make them work based on the décor in the room. However, many people make mistakes with their treatments that affect their curb appeal. The way you’re choosing your Tukwila roman blinds could lead to you making this major curb appeal mistake.

Not Thinking about the Uniform Look

When someone looks at your home from the outside, they expect everything to look uniform and neat. This includes the way your windows look. Your roman blinds can be seen from the outside when they’re closed. If they’re all different colors, you get this odd and off-putting look.

This isn’t usually a problem when you’re living in the home. The big issue is when you’re trying to sell. People will get an instant thought about your home before walking through the door and a non-uniform look can instantly turn them off.

Does this mean that you need to buy the same roman blinds in Tukwila for each room? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of matching your décor? It’s not necessarily an instant ban on customizing per room.

Opt for the Same Backdrop

When you buy a set of roman shades, look at the way they look from the back. Does the pattern show through to the other side or is there a lining that covers the coloring? Look out for Tukwila roman shades that offer linings of the same color. You can still get the shades and styles to work with the room on the inside but create that uniform look from the outside.

Another option is to have your shades custom made. This is perfect if you have larger windows. You can organize for the backs of the shades to look the same.

Use Net Curtains on the Windows

If you want to get blinds that are purely all about the character of the room, you’ll want to consider another way to make your blinds look like they match from the outside. One of the best things you can do is hang net curtains in the window.

These are perfect for those who also want to gain some anti-UV benefits when their roman shades in Tukwila are open. The net curtains constantly hang over the window, blocking the view from the outside easily while helping to manage the glare coming into the home. You get the appearance of a uniform look without sacrificing the décor or style on the inside.

People walking to your front door will initially see the net curtains. They go in with a positive thought and then get to see the beauty of the décor on the inside.

Are you making a mistake of having non-matching window treatments in your home? Are you taking advantage of stylish Tukwila roman shades without thinking what it looks like on the outside? If you’re selling your home, you’ll definitely want to think about the curb appeal your window coverings offer.

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