Are Solar Screens in Federal Way Really Good to Treat the Heat?

It’s time to get your home ready for the spring and the summer. This will often mean looking at window treatments for both the inside and outside of the house. Solar screens in Federal Way are an excellent option for the outside space.

Solar screens will treat the heat. Here’s how they protect you and your family during the hotter times of the year.

They’ll Block the UV Rays Shining Through

One of the biggest benefits of solar screens in Federal Way is the blocking of the UV rays. This is one of the big reasons solar shades are popular inside the house. Blocking the UV rays will reduce the rising temperatures in the home. They offer a similar benefit when you place solar screens outside the house.

However, you also get an extra benefit outside. By blocking the UV rays, you protect skin from UV damage. It’s possible to play outside without all the extra sunscreen, which can be a problem for those with allergies. You’ll also reduce the UV damage to patio equipment.

They Help to Create Shade on the Patio

When you put solar screens in Federal Way around the house, you create an area with plenty of shades. There’s none of the direct sun blaring down on you. There’s no need to worry about the natural heat from the sun touching the skin or even the patio equipment or flooring.

Space remains just safer. You don’t have to wish the patio floor was cooler for your children to sit on and play in. It’s like constantly being under a tree. You don’t get rid of all the heat, but you get rid of the damaging heat that makes it difficult to enjoy the outside.

Solar Screens in Federal Way Don’t Block the Natural Light

While you’re treating the heat, you don’t lose the natural light. Solar screens are just like solar shades. They’re designed to filter the light. You get rid of the UV rays, but you don’t get rid of the natural beams of light coming onto the patio.

Other types of window coverings for the outside can block out the natural light. It makes it feel like it’s nighttime while playing, which gets rid of some of the fun. You can relax on the patio, enjoying the light and natural heat without overdoing it.

You Won’t Block the Breeze Coming Through

Finally, you still keep that natural breeze if there is one. Sometimes there isn’t, but in the majority of cases, there is a small breeze that helps to cool everyone down. The downside of the sun is that the UV rays can be too much for the breeze to offer a cooling effect. Also, if you still have the UV rays, you still have the damage to the skin.

Solar screens in Federal Way get rid of all the issues. You have the breeze without the UV rays. You get the coolness of the breeze without worrying about any UV damage.

It’s time to get the outside of your home ready for the warmer weather. Consider solar screens in Federal Way for your patios.

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