Are Graber Blinds in Federal Way as Good as Hunter Douglas?

When it comes to brands for blinds and shades, there is one that you’ll hear a lot about. It’s all about Hunter Douglas, right? Now other brands are popping up in your search, and Graber blinds in Federal Way are on the list.

Do you want to risk another brand? While Graber is cheaper than Hunter Douglas, you’ll want to make sure the quality is similar. After all, cheap is great except for when you end up replacing items too often.

There is some good news about Graber as a brand. Here’s a look at how comparable it is to Hunter Douglas.

Great Quality for the Price You Pay

Graber blinds in Federal Way are certainly great when it comes to quality. They’re designed to last for years while still offering the best benefits you can get. This is the same as Hunter Douglas, a brand that you know you can trust.

While not as well-known as Hunter Douglas, Graber is still a brand that has been around for decades. It was founded at the start of World War II, and the brand has been designed for all those decades. This is a brand that has remained up to date with changes in the industry and style requirements.

When cordless blinds became more popular, the brand was there with the changes. When it came to moving to motorized blinds, Graber opted to keep up to date with those changes. Even in the future, the brand will stay on top of changes, and you’ll pay less than you would for Hunter Douglas.

Still Plenty of Economical Benefits in the Long Term

Graber blinds in Federal Way have some great economical benefits. You’ll gain from the benefits quicker than you would with Hunter Douglas because of the lower price point at the start.

There are various types of styles and materials. They’re going to affect the exact amount of financial benefits you’ll gain. Wood or metal blinds are going to offer more temperature benefits than fabric blinds, but you can sometimes gain better lighting benefits with fabric ones, especially when it comes to filtering the light.

All the blinds will offer financial benefits in the long term. Since you’re not replacing the blinds too quickly, you’ll get to gain from the investment you make with them. And you gain extra back then you would with Hunter Douglas because of the lower initial cost.

Graber Blinds in Federal Way for Years to Come

You have blinds that are designed to last. That’s what you want with any window coverings you get. The last thing you want is to end up replacing the blinds every few years. You will need to manage the color choices, so you always match the décor in the home.

This is a benefit of Hunter Douglas, too. The benefit of Graber over Hunter Douglas is the low cost to start with. You get the same long-term use at a lower cost, so you spend less over your lifetime.

It’s time to get more for your money. Graber blinds in Federal Way are certainly a great way to do that.

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