Are Drapes in Auburn Any Good for Energy Efficiency?

With a lot of focus on climate change and energy consumption, you’ll want to find a way to reduce your energy use at home. Your windows are responsible for heat loss and heat gain throughout the year, and you need something that will manage that. To save money, you’re likely looking at curtains or drapes in Auburn, but are they energy efficient?

You’ll have heard a lot of bad about fabric window coverings when it comes to managing temperatures in the home. However, drapes are among the best options for energy efficiency, but you need to find the right types of drapes. These are window coverings you may want to switch up with the seasons.

Block the Heat Loss During the Winter Months

Did you know it’s possible to lose as much as 30% of your heat through your windows in the winter? That’s a lot of wasted energy. This is because the heat wants to warm the colder air, which is on the outside of your home. The easiest way out is through the windows.

The right drapes in Auburn will prevent the heat loss. You’ll want to look at thermal drapes. The material is much thicker to prevent the heat getting past the material and through the window. You could opt for thinner materials, and they will still do some good. They’re just not going to do as much good as thermal options.

Another option is to double up the layers. You could have a sheer drape closest to the window and then a thicker material on the outside. The extra layers create more insulation around the windows. Plus, you’re only removing and putting up one drape during the year.

The more your keep the heat in the home, the more consistent your temperatures are. You’ll use the heating less, reducing your energy use.

Sheer Drapes in Auburn for Cooler Homes

During the summer, the windows are responsible for a lot of the rising temperatures in a home. The UV rays shine through the glass and cause rising temperatures. You can minimize that downside of the months without losing a lot of natural light.

You’ll want to look into getting sheer drapes. These are thin materials that don’t block the natural light. They just filter it, blocking the glare and UV rays while keeping an airy feeling to your home. You’ll also gain privacy on a night.

These drapes in Auburn aren’t the best for the winter months. This is why you’ll need the thermal drapes, but you can keep the sheer drapes up for daytime use and then you’re only adding and removing the one layer in the winter.

When you minimize the rising temperatures due to the UV rays, you’ll reduce the need for your air con to work as often. This helps you reduce your electricity use in the summer.

Drapes in Auburn are one of the most affordable types of window coverings for the home. They’re also one of the best for energy efficiency.

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