Are Blackout Blinds in Federal Way Good for the Extreme Heat?

The summer months are becoming intense. There are constant heat warnings and problems with extreme heat in homes. You need to find ways to manage that, without constantly using the AC. You’ll want to look at the window coverings you have and consider getting blackout blinds in Federal Way.

Blackout blinds are mostly for managing the light coming into your home. They are also good for temperature control, and here’s how they’re great for the extreme heat.

You’ll Block All the UV Rays Coming In

Blackout blinds in Federal Way make it possible to block all the natural light coming into the home. This includes the UV rays that are the reason for higher temperatures. The UV rays hit the glass and create a greenhouse effect in your home, so you need to use your AC more.

When you block the UV rays, you minimize that greenhouse effect. There will still be some heat that gets through the insulation in the walls and through other methods, but it’s nothing like the UV rays hitting the glass and coming into your home. There’s no need to constantly use the AC, so you don’t feel the weight of the bills in the heat.

The downside is that you’re plunging your home into darkness. You will need to use the interior lights, but these don’t require as much power as your AC unit.

You Can Still Get Air Through the Blinds

On a night, you’ll want to open the windows. This is especially when the temperatures start to drop to the teens or low double digits. Your blackout blinds in Federal Way will be closed, but they’re not going to stop the air from getting in.

The benefit is the material will let the air flow through. It’s not as good as having the blinds completely open. If you don’t struggle with sleep on a night, you may want to leave the blind open just a touch at the bottom. This helps the air flow into your room better. In other rooms around the house, you could consider keeping the blinds open on a night with the windows open.

Do check on the weather report! If it’s supposed to storm overnight, you’ll need to keep the windows closed to avoid rain damage to your home. This is easily overlooked until it’s too late.

Get the Fans Working for You

During the day, you’ll want to circulate the air. Now that you’ve prevented the UV rays getting in with blackout blinds in Federal Way, you can manage the circulation of the air. It’s all about fans.

If you have ceiling fans, you can use them without the lights being on. If you don’t, then you’ll want to get standing fans. Have them running throughout the day to keep the home more comfortable to live in. You’re still not going to use the electricity as much as you would with the AC units.

It’s time to make the most of your blackout blinds in Federal Way. They are perfect for the extreme heat.

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