7 Awesome Color Ideas for Roman Shades in SeaTac

If you’re looking at changing your window treatments, you’ll want to look at trying out new colors. These shades aren’t going to be for everyone and it will depend on the color scheme in the home, but they can be fun to consider. Here are seven awesome color ideas for roman shades in SeaTac.

Start with Sage

Sometimes it’s worth starting with a slightly more neutral color. Sage is a greenish/gray that’s beautiful and neutral. There’s a soft hue to this color that helps to add some calmness and beauty to the room. Plus, the lightness helps to create an open space and will stand out.

Opt for Sand

If you want another neutral color that’s slightly brighter, consider a sand color. This is easy to work into all types of décor needs and works for every room in the home. There’s a yellowy color to the roman shades in SeaTac, which makes they bright and positive, adding happy feelings whenever you walk into the room.

Stay Light with Coconut

Isn’t this just white? Well, not quite. Coconut shades are slightly off-white with a bit of white mixed in. They work for all types of rooms and décor needs, because they remain neutral and blend well with other colors. You’ll find a lot of roman shades in SeaTac in this color because it’s beautiful and easy to use. You can add some patterns to coconut shades to add a little more life if you want.

Choose Lime Roman Shades in SeaTac

Now it’s time to add a little extra color to your room. Lime shades are becoming a trend, especially for dens and kitchens. The color is bright and unobtrusive, which makes it a delightful color. You will need to think carefully about your paint color on your walls to make this work. Put the lime up against a brown or a white for best results. Lime has the benefit of offering a positive mindset because it’s light and summery.

Go for a Blush Color

For some, blush looks like pink. There is a very slight difference to this variation of pink, making it stand out and become a highly popular color for this year. There’s a neutrality to the color, working closer to salmon and peach instead of bright fuchsia. There’s a softness to the color that makes it blend well with other colors in the home.

Try Marigold for a Throwback

If you like to bring colors of the past into your home, opt for marigold roman shades in SeaTac. This was a popular color in the 60s and 70s that is making a major comeback. The best place for it is in the kitchen, adding a brightness and sophistication. It can also work well in the bedrooms. With a slightly yellow tinge, it adds a look of summer to the room.

Go Bold with Cherry Wine

Finally, it’s time to go for a statement with your shades, especially with roman shades in SeaTac. Cherry wine is a must because of its boldness and beauty. There’s a deep redness that add sultriness and sensuality to a room, making it perfect for the bedroom.

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