6 Types of Curtains in SeaTac to Choose for Your Home

You’ve chosen curtains in SeaTac for your home. That’s great apart from now you’ve realized there are more choices to make. One of the choices is the type of curtains you should get for the rooms. And yes, there are six types to choose from. Here’s a look at each style.

Rod Pockets: The Common Type of Drapes/Curtains

One of the most common types of curtains or drapes you’ll find is the rod pocket style. This is where the rod goes through the top of the material, as if a pocket has been created to push the rod all the way through. You don’t see the rod except for the edges that attach to the wall.

They look great but they may not be the best for longer windows. After all, the middle of the rod can buckle.

Eyelet: Second Most Common Curtains in SeaTac

Another option to consider is the eyelet. This is another common type and one of the most affordable options. Holes are placed throughout the curtains and the rod slides through the holes. You’ll be able to see the rod through the material.

The benefit of this one is that you can screw the rod into the wall in the middle as well as the edges. There’s less chance of buckling on longer windows.

Box Pleat: Simple and Easy

If you want a curtain that is easy to hang, you’re going to want to look at box pleats. They’re pleated curtains in SeaTac, so will need some training but they’re among the quickest to train. The top of the curtains has hoops to slide through the rod, so you get the benefits of the eyelet curtains.

The material at the very top is a small box that starts the pleat. This is where the curtain gets its name from.

Pinch Pleat: Popular Pleated Options

While box pleats are easy to train, pinch pleats tend to be the most popular. They’re beautiful and another easy-to-train option. The curtains are similar to box pleats but with a different at the top. Instead of being a box, the material pinches a few inches from the very top.

The pleats workdown from the pinches. This helps to keep them in place.

Tailored Pleat: For Something a Little Different

If you like pinch pleats but want curtains in SeaTac that look different, you’ll want to consider tailored pleats. These look very similar to pinch pleats. The difference is that the pinch is further to the top – sitting right at the top of the curtains instead of a few inches down.

The pleats work outwards from the very top. The top pinches onto the hook to place the curtains on the rod.

Goblet Pleat: For Something Sophisticated

If you want something that stands out with style, goblet pinch curtains are the way to go. These pleats are similar to box pleats but instead of a box, the top is shaped more like a wine goblet. This style adds a majestic look to your curtains in SeaTac.

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