5 Ways to Repurpose Old Venetian Blinds in Federal Way

While Federal Way venetian blinds have one main purpose, eventually they will need replacing. Whether it’s because the dog has tried to run through them or because you’re redecorating, you’ll want to add new window treatments. But what do you do with your old blinds? Do you just thrown them out? Before you do, think about these five creative ways to repurpose your old blinds.

1. Make Them Into Labels

Start with something simple if you’re not the most creative person or you don’t like a lot of crafty projects. You can apply the labels on baskets and wooden boxes or even cut the venetian blinds in Federal Way shorter to make gardening labels. Paint over them and use a Sharpie to make sure the notes stick. You can also check chalkboard paint, so you have something reusable, which is useful for boxes in the house.

2. Make a Woven Cover

If you have linen blinds, you’ll want to consider turning the old slats into a woven cover. These look good on headboards, dining chairs, and wicker chairs. Weave the slats in and out of each other to create a beautiful and recycled addition to your home. If you have multiple Federal Way venetian blinds being repurposed, consider a fun colorful project for the kids.

3. Make a Woven Basket

Let’s take a step up from the other craft projects. How about making your own woven basket from the slats? This works best with linen or vinyl blinds. You’ll be able to weave the slats together and bend them into shape to make a basket or even a waste paper bin. It’s much cheaper than going out to buy something!

4. Make a Starburst Mirror or Frame

One of the easiest craft projects that the kids will enjoy making is a starburst mirror or photo frame. You just need to cut down the slats from the Federal Way venetian blinds and layer them around in a circular pattern. Don’t worry about the slats being the same length. A starburst isn’t completely symmetrical and that’s the beauty in it. You can also make this with different colors, whether natural colors of the blinds or get the paints out for the kids to get super creative.

5. Make Your Own Bookmarks

You want to encourage your children to read but one of the problems is finding bookmarks that suit their tastes and personalities. Instead of going hunting online, make your old venetian blinds in Federal Way into fun bookmarks. Just cut them relatively short for books of all sizes and put a hole in one end. You can put a piece of string or wool through this with a keychain or pendant. Don’t forget to paint or draw favorite animals, patterns, and more.

Don’t throw out your old Federal Way venetian blinds. They make extremely fun craft projects for yourself or your kids. It’s time to repurpose and put the environment and your wallet first.

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