5 DIY Projects to Recycle Your Used Curtains in Federal Way

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. That may be the saying, but now your trash could be your treasure. At least, in a way. You can make use of your old Federal Way curtains rather than throwing them out. It’s time to consider these DIY projects the next time you want to replace the fabric.

1. DIY Bags

With so many stores now charging 5c a bag, you want to start taking your own. But the last thing you want is to carry around a bag that doesn’t speak to your personality or one that doesn’t easily fold up into your purse. What if you could make your own DIY handbags with your old curtains in Federal Way? You’ll need a sewing machine to make the bags sturdy, but you can make them any size you want in a material that easily folds up.

2. New Cushion Covers

Your cushion covers are just like your curtains. Eventually they need replacing. Instead of getting new covers or getting new cushions completely, why not make your own covers with your old curtains. Just measure them up, get a zipper for easier removal when it comes to washing the fabric, and use the sewing machine to create beautiful covers for your home. The kids will love helping!

3. Headboard Tiles

Instead of a traditional headboard for your bed, why not make one with your old Federal Way curtains? You just need some wooden planks that you can turn into squares, diamonds, or any other shape of choice and then just cover with the curtain fabric. You can make whatever pattern you want to bring your own personality to the bedroom.

These sorts of tiles can also be good for decorating a wall space. Use them to space out the photo frames.

4. DIY Table Runner

Want a simple craft project for your curtains in Federal Way? It’s time to look at making a new table runner for your dining table. You can cut a strip and shape it the way you want to suit your table décor. This works whether you have a full tablecloth underneath or just as the table runner on its own. Your guests will want to know where you bought the item so they can get one too.

5. Aprons for the Kids

The kids will want to help with gardening and baking, but they always get everything over their clothes. It’s time to repurpose curtains in a way that allows them to get as dirty as they want. Turn the material into some aprons for them. The best thing about this is your curtains can be worn down and the kids won’t mind. They have something fun to wear to help.

What project are you going to start first? Don’t let your old Federal Way curtains go completely to waste. Make sure they become the latest start for a craft project to recycle and look after the environment. You’ll save yourself plenty of money, too.

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