4 Types of a Valance in Auburn That Could Work for You

You want a valance in Auburn for your windows. There are some beautiful benefits to adding them, and some valances can even offer minor practical benefits. However, you need to make sure you get the right type of valance for your needs.

This is more than just valance vs. cornice. There are different styles of fabric valances that will help you gain the benefits you need. Here are four types that you’ll want to consider.

Scalloped Window Coverings for Larger Spaces

If you have a large window, you’ll want to consider something like a scalloped valance in Auburn. This is one of the more traditional types of valances you’ll find, with a hemmed bottom that is often shaped in a way that suits you.

The material will cover up the hardware of other window coverings. It can also be low enough to block out some of the light shining through the windows. You’ll also create a sense that your windows are taller than they are and there’s more space in the room. They can be used on their own or with other window coverings.

Scarf Valances for a More Decorative Approach

If you don’t have children or pets, you can opt for a valance in Auburn that hangs to the floor. The scarf valance is just right for this. The name comes from the way the valance looks like it’s hugging the top of the window and then hanging down in the way that scarves often do.

There are some great ways that you can make scarf valances hang. You have full choice in this and can update them as you change the style you want to achieve. The material is light, and you can get whatever colors and patterns you want. Change up for the season to make the most of the décor.

A Tailored Valance in Federal Way for a Formal Look

Do you want to avoid the gatherings and ruffles? Maybe you want something that just looks formal, something that will cover up the hardware without drawing too much attention to it. There are some elegant options for this, but what you’re looking for is a tailored valance.

You can choose the color and type of material. It’s best to work with something that matches the upholstery in the home or the other window coverings you have hanging. Integrate your valance into your window treatments.

Balloon Valances for Something to Stand Out

The great thing about a valance in Auburn is that it can be fun. You can use the valance on its own in small windows or you can make a space stand out with something different. Balloon valances are great for this.

They don’t hang all the way to the side of the windows. They sit in the middle with a balloon-shaped loop right in the middle of the window. They are certainly going to make your windows the talk of the town.

When you decide a valance in Auburn is for you, you’ll need to decide on the décor you want to achieve. What look will work for you?

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