4 Top Tips to Choose the Color of Your Draperies in Federal Way

One of the most important things you’ll need to do when looking at draperies in Federal Way is picking out the color. There are so many options available, and you’ll have even more choice if you opt for custom-made drapes.

Drapes aren’t as permanent as the likes of shutters and blinds. This can mean picking a color you like now that may not work in say five or 10 years. However, picking out the color is still important, and here are four tips to help you do that.

What Sort of Tone Do You Want for the Room?

Start by looking at the tone and needs of the room. What type of mood do you want to create? The color of your draperies in Federal Way will set that mood very quickly.

If you want something that is bright and cheerful, you’ll need to look at the more summery colors. When it comes to creating a warm and cozy place, deeper tones could help achieve that feeling. It all starts with the mood you feel when you look at the color of any drapes you find.

What Décor Needs Do You Have Right Now?

What sort of décor is set up at the moment? Do you have a minimalist look in your home? If that’s the case, then you’ll want draperies in Federal Way that continue that look. This will limit the color choices to neutral tones.

But what if you’re trying to move away from that décor? Or what if you want to change your décor in the near future? Keep these in mind when it comes to looking at colors. If you’re going to move away from the minimalist look, the color of your drapes is the first and easiest step.

What Lighting Needs Do You Have with Draperies in Federal Way?

Next up, it’s all about your lighting needs. The colors of drapes will affect that, so you need to think about what the lighting needs of each room are.

Do you have a bedroom that needs to block out all light? Thin and light-colored drapes are not going to work for that. You need the deeper tones. Want to allow plenty of light without the glare? The deeper tones are going to darken the room, so you need lighter tones for this need.

Would Prints Work Instead of a Block Color?

You don’t just have to work with block colors when it comes to draperies in Federal Way. Yes, there are a lot of drapes that use block colors, but you can also look at prints instead. This is a great way to add more of your personality to the space.

You could use geometric patterns to add a splash of color. Floral prints can work well for some who want neutral but pretty. Then there are those who will want their favorite cartoon characters for the kids.

Take the time to choose your draperies in Federal Way. While they’re not as expensive as permanent window treatments, you still want to make the most of the investment.

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