4 Times You Want to Use Curtain Panels in Federal Way

A curtain panel is a single curtain. Curtain panels in Federal Way usually come in pairs, but you don’t always have the use for the two. Sometimes you just want the one to cover the whole window. Now sure if just a single panel is right for you? Here are four times you want to consider it.

When You Have a Sliding Window or Door

If you’re using curtains and drapes for your sliding windows and doors, consider a curtain panel instead. The windows already have an asymmetrical look because of the way they open. When you hang the curtain panel, you continue that flow and that look.

The curtain panels in Federal Way act like vertical slat blinds. You pull the curtain on and off in the way you would open your window, making it easier to get access to the window and use it fully.

When You Have Small Windows

A single panel can be extremely beneficial if your windows are small. Some homes have a thin but long rectangular window or you may have small circular windows in the attic space. Two curtain panels won’t work for these types of windows. There’s more material than space and the area starts to look overcrowded.

Opt for the one curtain panel instead. You can pull it on and off easily if you want. In some cases, the single panel will remain closed the whole time, depending on the use of the room. It looks neater and less overwhelming.

When You Want an Asymmetrical Style

While the traditional way to hang curtains is with two on either side of the window, you don’t always want to be traditional and “normal.” You may enjoy the asymmetrical style in your home or want to add your personality to every aspect of the room. Curtain panels in Federal Way are perfect for this need.

You still have a full choice of colors and styles in your home. All the choices you’d have with two panels are available. The difference is the panel just hands on one side.

When You Want a Cascading Style with Curtains Panels in Federal Way

Consider just one curtain panel when you want to get a cascading view with the material. You can pin the panel along the top of the window, which is how it remains the whole time. When you want to open the curtain, you just pull it to one side and have a catch to hold onto the bottom of the panel.

This style offers a flowing view from top to bottom. It’s like using curtains around a bed post, creating a soft look from top to bottom.

Curtain panels offer a range of benefits, similarly to when you use duel panels and drapes for your window. A single panel is excellent when your windows are a little different to the standard squares or wide rectangles. The next time you’re looking at replacing your window coverings, consider whether curtain panels in Federal Way are right for you.

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