4 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Curtains in Edgewood

You’re looking at your curtains in Edgewood and something just doesn’t feel right about them. It could be time to replace them. After five to 10 years, the curtains start to fade and deteroriate, especially if they don’t have a lining or other protection. Here are the four signs it’s definitely time to replace your curtains.

 The Colors Have Faded Beyond Recognition

 Colors start to fade in curtains. They spend all their time up against the windows, where UV rays shine through and light the colors. You will find that over time your curtains don’t look anything like they did when you bought them.

 If you have a lot of lighter shades within your curtains in Edgewood, you’ll find that they fade the quickest. They start to look white or cream, and sometimes an off-white color that makes your curtains look dirty. Darker colors fade slower, but they still fade over time.

 The Material Is Fraying

 Look at the hem of your curtains. You’ll also want to look at the top and in the corners. Materials will start to fray when your curtains need replacing.

 At first, you’ll want to repair any damage. You’ll want to resew the hems and repair any damage to the corners. However, there’s only so much that you can do this. You’ll want to replace after a while.

 The Curtains in Edgewood Are No Longer Fit for Purpose

 Take a look at the material in the middle right now. Once thick material may now have thinned down. You may even have holes or weakened fibers within. This is completely normal, especially if you’ve had your curtains for a decade or more! And if you have pets or children, the curtains will degrade even quicker.

 Once your curtains are no longer fit for purpose, they need replacing. If they’re not holding in the heat like they used to, you want to invest in a new set. If you’re using other window treatments as well as your curtains, there are high chances you need to get a replacement set. 

Materials will suffer from constant use. Curtains are the worst because of the UV rays coming through the window.

 The Curtains Don’t Fit the Décor 

Finally, you want to think about your redecoration plans. Are you going to change the décor in your home? Maybe you’ve already started with redecorating various rooms in the home. This is the perfect time to consider replacing your curtains in Edgewood.

 If your curtains aren’t going to fit the décor, you want to get something that will. Got a neutral set of curtains that will work with anything? Look at the above three signs it’s time to replace and see if any apply. This will be the perfect time to replace because you’re already doing a lot of hard work in the room. If you wait, you’ll keep putting off the replacements.

 What do your curtains in Edgewood look like? Do they work the way they should? It’s time to be honest with yourself. It could be time to replace your curtains.

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