4 Best Types of Blinds in Lakeland South for Your North-Facing Windows

You’ve just moved into a home. Whether it’s rented or owned, you’ll need to think about the window treatments for each of your rooms. Windows that face the different directions have different needs. North-facing windows get less sun and heat, which is why you need to consider these four types of blinds in Lakeland South for the best results.

 Consider Investing in Wooden Blinds

 This is a room where you could get away with using wooden blinds in your home. You’ll find most people tell you that faux wood is the best, but that’s often because of the risk of warping. Since you won’t get the sun through your windows, you don’t have to deal with the warming and UV damage as much.

 Wooden blinds in Lakeland South are excellent for rooms that tend to be colder. They can hold onto the heat, bouncing it back into the room. You’ll find that when you use the heating, the room’s temperatures are more consistent.

 Keep Your Blinds Light 

Next it’s all about the coloring. You want a style that will allow the light in and keep that light reflecting around the room. The north-facing windows won’t get the sunlight for a lot of the day, which can make the room feel darker, especially on a cloudy day.

 When you get lighter blinds and shades, you’ll find they naturally help to reflect the light around your home. Whether you have wood, faux wood, metal, or even fabric, you’ll have a set of blinds that make your space feel larger and more comfortable.

 Choose Venetian Blinds in Lakeland South

 You’ll want to look at the different styles. The only time venetian blinds won’t work is when you have longer and larger windows. You’ll want to get vertical blinds for the same purpose for these windows.

 Either way, venetian and vertical blinds are made with slats. They will help to redirect the light around your home. Whether you want to allow as much light in as possible or block the view completely, you have the choice.

 With north-facing windows, you’ll want to allow as much light into the room as possible during the day. You can open the blinds completely or just move the slats around to allow light into the space. On a night, you’ll likely feel the cold more. You can increase privacy by closing the slats and block the heat from escaping at the same time.

 Double Up With Curtains

 One of the best things you can do is double your blinds in Lakeland South with a set of curtains. This is great for north-facing windows in the window. The curtains act as a secondary barrier to help block as much heat in the home as possible.

 Using blinds and curtains is also viable for renters and owners. There’s no need to worry about damage to the windows, while you also don’t leave something behind that adds value for your landlords when you move, such as shutters.

 Think about the lack of light and heat coming through your north-facing windows. You’ll want to get a set of blinds in Lakeland South that are going to offer as many benefits as possible throughout the year.

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