Why You Need to Get Woven Wood Window Shades in Maple Valley

It’s time to think more about the environment. That means more than just finding ways to keep your energy bills down. It’s all about the longevity and degrading of your window shades in Maple Valley. You need to consider getting woven wood shades.

 There are many types of woven woods available, but all come with one of the same benefit: they’re all excellent for the environment. But you can gain in many other ways in your home. Here’s why you need to get woven wood window shades for your home.

 They’ll Degrade Into the Landfill

 You’ll hear a lot about certain types of window treatments being good for the environment. They’re eco-friendly because they get you to use your heating less or they help to minimize your air conditioning use. However, they’re not the best option for the landfill.

 These types of window treatments are often designed to last for decades. Woven wood window shades in Maple Valley are better because they’re designed to degrade in the future. They’re made of a natural material that breaks down, so you don’t need up with landfill waste.

 They’ll Manage the Heating and Lighting Levels

 While you get the future benefits, you can also gain in the present day with the window treatments. Woven wood is just as it sounds. The natural material has been woven into a blind or shade. You end up with a light filtering device, which is perfect for every room in the home.

 The shades will still help to block the heat loss during the winter and manage the heat increasing in the summer. You can block out the glare without blocking out the light, so you can use the shades throughout the day. If you’re not creating the blackout effect you need, there’s always the option to double up with another window treatment.

 Woven Wood Window Shades in Maple Valley for Privacy

 A major benefit is the privacy that you’ll get. This is often something overlooked because you want a window treatment that offers the heating and light benefits. However, it’s also important to feel comfortable in your own home.

 Something that solar shades don’t offer is the privacy on a night. Woven wood shades can be a better choice because you get the light filtering during the day but the privacy on a night. You can sit in any room and nobody can see in.

 Something Beautiful and Natural

 Finally, it’s all about the beauty of woven wood window shades in Maple Valley. These window treatments may come in minimal coloring choices, but they’re all-natural choices. These types of window treatments work for every décor available, adding a rustic quality but keeping it all contemporary.

 They don’t require a lot of maintenance but will always look good. Bamboo is one of the best options and will work for all rooms in the home, including the bathroom and other high-humidity rooms.

 What are you waiting for? The next time you look at getting a new set of window treatments, consider woven wood window shades in Maple Valley.

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