Why You Need to Double Up with Draperies in Maple Valley This Winter

It’s the time of year where you want to trap as much heat in your home as possible. But you don’t necessarily want to get rid of the current window coverings you have. You’ll want to consider doubling up with draperies in Maple Valley.

Whether you have roller shades or plantation shutters, doubling up with drapes could be the best thing you do. Here’s why you need to consider it this winter.

You Instantly Create a Second Barrier Against Heat Loss

As soon as you install your draperies in Maple Valley, you have an instant secondary barrier against heat loss. Once you pull them on, they work with other window coverings to make it harder for heat to escape through the window a night. With less heat getting out, the temperatures remain more consistent in the home.

There’s no need to get a special type of drape for this. You just want something that offers a little thickness, such as a room darkening or blackout drape. Hang with your shades or your shutters to gain that extra layer.

Your Drapes Come in Colors to Offer Mental Benefits

There are also some mental health benefits to consider when it comes to draperies in Maple Valley, Your main layer is likely to be neutral. This is especially if you have blinds or shutters. You’ll have probably chosen white or cream to work as a base for the décor in your home.

These colors can be cool. They are great for reflecting light but offer no benefits when it comes to feeling warm. You want a warmer color for that, which is why you want drapes. The fabric comes in all sorts of colors to give you that placebo effect.

Draperies in Maple Valley Can Offer Extra Light Control

Then there’s the benefit of extra light control. In the daytime, you want to let as much natural light through your windows as possible. This gets the UV rays in, warming the home naturally during the day. Some window coverings will block that.

Drapes can be opened throughout the day in full. They don’t block the rays until you want them to. But when you need more light control, such as a quick plunge into darkness, you just pull them on. There’s no need to mess around with cords.

It’s Possible to Get Thermal Drapes for the Windows

Still worried about the heat loss? You’ll want to look at thermal draperies in Maple Valley. These are specifically designed to make the room warmer. They’re designed to prevent the heat from escaping through the windows.

Whether you use the drapes alone or with a secondary window treatment, you gain some excellent heating benefits throughout the day and night. You’ll instantly block that heat loss, so you don’t need to use the heating as much. When doubling up, you get a thicker layer that prevents almost all heat loss during the night.

It's time to double up your window treatments. Even if you just choose draperies in Maple Valley for winter use, you’ll gain some excellent heating benefits.

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