Why You Need Enumclaw Drapes Not Curtains in the Winter

Your windows lose a lot of heat in the winter. If you want to save on the heating bills, you’ll want to look at improving the insulation around your windows. While shutters are the best, you can’t necessarily justify the costs (especially if you’re a renter). So, you want to look at other options. This brings the debate of curtains vs. drapes in Enumclaw.

Drapes are the window treatments you want. Here’s a look at all the reasons why they’re better than curtains.

The Terms Are Not Interchangeable

Many manufacturers and companies will incorrectly use curtains and drapes interchangeably. The truth is the two are very different. Curtains are mostly for decorative purposes. They offer some lighting benefits, but very little. They certainly offer very little in terms of privacy.

Drapes, on the other hand, are designed for more practical uses. They’re thicker, darker and heavier, helping to offer more lighting and heating benefits.

Drapes Block the Heat from Escaping

Because of the thicker material, Enumclaw drapes will offer more heating benefits. The material prevents the heat from escaping through the window, reflecting it back into the home. This works whether you have dark or light drapes; it’s all about the fabric thickness. Think of the drapes as a sweater for your windows to keep the home warm. You’ll get to use the heating less.

The curtain material is so thin that it offers little heating benefits. Heat escapes through the window, so you will still use the heating as often as you currently do.

Of course, to get these benefits you’ll need to use the drapes properly. Make sure they’re closed as the temperatures drop and the light from outside disappears. This is when you’ll likely use the heating, after all.

Higher Quality Material for More Durability

The UV rays coming through the sun can damage the drapes and curtains. This is why you’ll want to wait until the sun goes down before using your drapes in Enumclaw regularly. However, if you do use them during the day, you won’t need to worry about damage to the fabric as much as you would with curtains.

Drapes are slightly more expensive than curtains. This is because the material is of a higher quality and doesn’t need replacing as often. You’ll find you save more money in the long-term, both in replacement of window treatments and heating costs.

Get the Psychological Benefits

There is something to be said for the way window treatments make you feel. Because of the thicker material and more privacy, the drapes can help you feel safer and warmer. You don’t feel the need to put the heating on as much. You can handle slightly lower temperatures in your home and still feel happy and comfortable.

Curtains can leave you feeling brighter because of the light coming through, but you can see more outside. You’ll feel like people can see you and the heat is escaping. You’ll want Enumclaw drapes for better psychological and physical benefits.

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