Why You Need Café Curtains with Drapes in Enumclaw

While you have some beautiful drapes in Enumclaw, you’re starting to see some downsides. You don’t quite have the privacy you need. Sure, you can pull the drapes on, but they’re blocking the ability for light to shine through.

It’s important to get balance. This is why you need a set of café curtains to work with your drapes. You may have even seen your parents or grandparents use them in the past.

What Are Café Curtains?

How do café curtains differ from drapes in Enumclaw? It’s all about the way they sit in the windows. You may hear them called net curtains, although this is for a specific type of material. The way they sit is the same, though.

Café curtains are like café shutters. They sit in the bottom half of the windows, blocking the view into the home. You don’t have anything that covers the top of the windows, making it possible to all plenty o light through. The curtains will sit on a small elastic rod across the windows in the majority of cases.

Gain Light and Privacy at the Same Time

One of the big downsides of drapes in Enumclaw is the way they’ll block the light coming into the home when in use. The material is usually thick, creating a great environment when you need to sleep. You certainly gain plenty of privacy as the material is too thick to see through. However, you block all that natural light at a time you don’t necessarily want to.

Café curtains don’t have that problem. They will create privacy across the bottom of the window. That’s the main part of the window that people see through. The top of the window isn’t covered, which means plenty of light can shine through. You will get some glare, but you get the natural light, which is the most important thing for many people.

The material will also help create privacy. Whether the café curtains are made of net or a sheer material, you get something that blocks the view into the home. You don’t necessarily block the whole view out of the house, though. You can also see over the top if you can get high enough.

Drapes in Enumclaw Are Still Necessary

While café curtains are great, they’re not perfect. You won’t get any heating or cooling benefits from these window coverings. You’re also not going to get any light benefits during the day. You want the curtains because they let light in while blocking the view into the home.

You will still need a set of drapes in Enumclaw. The drapes will offer all the heating benefits in the winter. They are great for blocking UV rays in the summer when they become a proble. You’ll also have something that manages the light during the day if you work shifts or you just want to watch a darker movie or TV show.

It’s time to add something more to your windows. Café curtains are excellent additions that work well with your drapes in Enumclaw.

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