Why Wooden Shutters in Kent Are Better Than Wooden Blinds

Blinds or shutters, all you know is that you want real wooden window treatments. There are plenty of reasons to go for real wood, especially when it comes to protecting the environment in the future. Wooden shutters in Kent are certainly the type you want to consider the most.

Wooden blinds will cost less than wooden shutters. However, is the upfront cost really something you want to limit yourself to? If you have a small budget or you rent, blinds are going to be better, but shutters are great for other reasons. Here’s why they’re a better investment.

Shutters Will Add Value to Your Home

When it comes to shutters vs. blinds, there’s one big benefit to shutters. They’re designed to add value to your home. Wooden shutters in Kent are designed for permanence. They remain in your home after you sell and they definitely add curb appeal for anyone looking at your home.

The permanence is one of the reasons why the costs are high for shutters. You end up making the money back in the future. It’s all about investment vs. costs.

While blinds will likely remain in the home when you sell, they don’t add the value in the way that shutters do.

They’re Less Likely to Need Replacing Compared to Blinds

You want something that is going to be more of a case of “set and forget.” In other words, you don’t want to do too much maintenance. You don’t want something that is going to require a lot of repairing. You want wooden shutters in Kent.

While there is a risk of warping in the heat, shutters are less likely to suffer from this than other wooden treatments. It’s all to do with the way they’re made. There’s more of a chance the shutters will have a layer that protects them against heat damage.

Plus, with the way they’re used, you’re not as likely to break the louvers. Blind slats can break very easily, especially with children or pets in the home. You end up spending more money in the long-term on replacement slats that you don’t have to worry about with shutters.

Wooden Shutters in Kent Are Much Easier to Use

Finally, you want something that is easy to use. While blinds can certainly be motorized, is this really the ease of use that you’re thinking about? What about a set of window treatments that you barely need to touch on a daily basis?

Wooden shutters in Kent offer the ability to close the shutters and leave them. You don’t often have to move the louvers. A lot of the sun’s glare is going to be redirected however you set your louvers.

In the winter, you’re going to want to close the louvers on a night. This helps to protect against heat loss. However, you can twist all louvers by just moving one. There’s no need to worry about cords.

If you own your home, you’ll want to look into wooden shutters in Kent. They are more superior than wooden blinds, especially when it comes to cost effectiveness.

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