Why Wooden Blinds in Black Diamond Won’t Work in Your Bathroom

When you’re looking at the various window treatments, you’ll likely look at adding wooden blinds in Black Diamond to your home. There are many benefits of real wood, including how beautiful it looks. However, there are some rooms where this material just doesn’t work. The bathroom is one of them.

You’ll be better off with a wood composite or a vinyl material for the bathroom. Here’s why wooden blinds don’t quite work as well as they would in other rooms.

They’ll Suck in the Moisture

The biggest issue with wooden blinds is the moisture that’s sucked in. The material is known for drawing in the moisture. After all, it needed the water once to survive! It’s adapted that way.

Bathrooms have a lot of moisture. Whether you shower daily or you like to have a long soak in the bath at the end of each night, you’re going to cause steam and you’ll see high humidity levels. The best thing you can do is avoid wooden blinds in Black Diamond. They’re just going to suck in that moisture and cause mold problems.

They Can Warp With the Heat

As well as suffering from mold damage, your blinds will warp in the heat. There isn’t a way around this. And while it happens over a long period of time in any room, it’s going to happen much quicker in the bathroom, where the humidity levels are constantly high.

When the material warps, you lose the privacy benefits because the slats don’t sit properly. You won’t get the heating benefits, and your blinds will start to look like they need replacing sooner than you would like. You’ll just end up spending more money in the long run.

Wooden Blinds in Black Diamond Can Be Dark

While natural wood can look beautiful, it can also look too dark for the bathroom. This is usually a small space where you need as much light to reflect as possible. Darker window treatments will just plunge the room into more darkness.

Instead of wooden blinds, look for faux wood. You’ll gain all the benefits of wooden blinds but with a vinyl covering that allows for something lighter. The bathroom will feel brighter, larger, and more comfortable.

The Blinds Can Fade in Direct Sunlight

Depending on where your bathroom faces (north or south, for example), you can find that your window treatments are affected by the direct sunlight. UV rays will damage the material of your window treatments. You don’t just see warping, but you’ll also notice that the material fades or you get sun spots. The UV rays can also cause rotting.

On top of that, the material can sometimes be a fire hazard. This is on the more extreme cases, but you may want to look at a wood composite that is fire resistant for protection.

You want privacy in the bathroom, but you also need a window treatment that will manage in the high humidity of the room. Avoid wooden blinds in Black Diamond. There are plenty of other better options around.

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