Why Roller Shades in Maple Valley Are Worth It for Renters

You’re renting a home and you need to find window coverings for each of the rooms. This can be a costly expense, but you can limit the expenses by minimizing your choice of treatments. Roller shades in Maple Valley are among the most popular options for renters, and there are some big reasons for that.

Roller shades are easy to install and affordable. They look amazing and are easy to move with you when you change house. Here’s why you need to consider roller shades for your new rental.

They Are the Most Affordable Window Treatments

Cost is going to be on your mind. Whether you’re renting because you can’t afford to buy or you’re looking for somewhere temporary while you assess an area, the last thing you want to do is spend a fortune on window treatments. Most coverings are designed to stay in the house or they have to be custom made for the windows. That’s not the case for roller shades in Maple Valley.

These window coverings are designed for short-term use. They’re made with bright colors that you can hang regardless of the size of the window. There are plenty of pre-made options that will make the most affordable window treatments on the market. They’re perfect for small budgets.

You Gain Something You Can Move With You

As mentioned, a lot of window treatments are designed to stay behind. That’s especially the case for shutters. Blinds have to be made for a specific size and style of window. You may find they don’t git the next windows you have. So you need a window covering that is a one-size-fits-most type.

Roller shades in Maple Valley offer you that benefit. They can mount on the outside of the window, so you can buy something that’s bigger than your windows without worrying about losing benefits. When you move into a new rental, you can easily move your shades with you.

Roller Shades in Maple Valley Cause Minimal Damage

While some shades need drilling into the wall, others are placed in the windows with a tension rod. This can lead to minimal damage to the windows, so you don’t need to spend a fortune repairing the damage after you move.

This will depend on the type of roller shades you get. However, even with the ones that drill in the wall, it’s usually only at two points of the windows. So you still cause less damage than the likes of blinds and shutters.

You Add Personality to a Bland Room

Because roller shades in Maple Valley are made of fabric, they come in a variety of colors and designs. You can quickly add personality to a room. I mean, let’s face it; your rental is going to have bland walls. The neutral coloring is recommended to landlords.

You can’t paint the walls without permission. So, you can add bold colors through your furniture and your window coverings.

It’s time to consider roller shades in Maple Vall