Why Mini Blinds in Maple Valley Are Perfect for French Doors

You adore the French doors leading to your patio. They look beautiful, and they offer a lot of natural light into the home when you need it. However, you want to block the light and the view at times. You’re looking for the perfect window coverings and have come across mini blinds in Maple Valley.

Mini blinds are like Venetian blinds but smaller. They offer all the same benefits as Venetian blinds, but they are made to fit those smaller areas, making them perfect for French doors. Not sure they’re going to work for you? Here’s why they’re perfect.

They Fit in the Window of the French Doors

The smaller size is why they’re so good for French doors. Mini blinds in Maple Valley are made to fit inside the window of your French doors. This isn’t just about the smaller width but also the smaller depth of the glass pane.

You will need to get custom blinds for the door window. You want the material to fit within the window and mount on the inside of the glass rather than sit over the top. After all, you have the handle to think about—more on that in a moment.

The blinds will still give you all the benefits that you would get from Venetian blinds. You get better benefits because they fit perfectly.

Mini Blinds in Maple Valley Won’t Catch on the Handle

There’s always the concern that your window coverings will catch on the handle of the door. This handle usually sits covering the window slightly, especially if you have the grabber handle and not the small doorknob. Mini blinds are great.

They will fit within the window perfectly and stay out of the way of the handle. Even when you open and close the blinds (if you choose to), they won’t catch on the handle. The blinds are made to fit the depth of the windowpane to avoid problems.

You’ll be able to use the French doors as normal. Don’t worry about being caught in the cords when you push the handle down. Of course, you’ll need to make sure any cords are placed on the outside of the doors and not on the side with the handle!

You Can Easily Lock Them in Place to Avoid Clanging

When you open and close the doors, won’t you have the problem of the blinds moving? This can be the case, but those who create mini blinds in Maple Valley for French doors will already know of this problem. That’s when you want to look at items to lock the blinds in place.

You can get the blinds, so they sit snuggly in the windowpane. They remain in place at the bottom with a locking system that is easy to remove if you need it. This stops the blinds from swinging back and forth when you open the doors, so you don’t have the annoying clanging noise.

It's time to make your home comfortable, and that means blocking the glare and view through your French doors. Your mini blinds in Maple Valley are perfect for this need.

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