Why Do You Need Exterior Shutters in Kent?

There are two main types of shutters: interior and exterior. While interior shutters are often easier to manage, exterior shutters remain popular. Here’s a look at why you may want to get exterior shutters for your Kent home.

They Add Value to Your Home

Shutters in Kent are designed to be permanent fixtures. This means they are there for the next people who buy your home. Because they’re permanent fixtures, they add value to your home. This may not be that much, but it will depend on the buyers. If a buyer has a dream of a traditional plantation-style house with the plantation shutters they are likely to pay more than any other buyer.

If you want to invest in your home and add more value in the future, you want to consider exterior shutters. Just make sure that your shutters do help to improve the look of your home. You want to work with the style, setting up a positive expectation for the inside.

They Protect Windows from the Elements

While you may keep your shutters open most of the time, they can be good during storms and other adverse weather. You can shut all the coverings and offer a layer of protection from the elements. That means less chance of the windows breaking due to the strong, harsh wind.

Your shutters will take the majority of the damage. The good news is you can use materials and protective paint to offer a layer against the potential damage. Good maintenance of the shutters will also help to keep the shutters in good standing against any inclement weather.

They Offer Full Privacy Within the Home

Fed up of people looking in your home? Worried about burglars? Exterior shutters offer the extra layer of protection for your home. It’s possible to keep them shut all the time, only having some of the slats open to let some of the light in. This is especially beneficial if you have a history of stalkers or peeping Toms.

You also can help to prevent burglaries happening. If thieves see shutters on the outside, they realize that there is an extra layer to get through when breaking in. Exterior shutters aren’t as easy to move out of the way as normal blinds or curtains. They’ll move onto a house that is easier to get into.

They Keep Your Energy Bills Down

Your windows will lose a lot of heat through them during the winter. During the summer, you end up with a lot of heat coming into the home. Your heating and air conditioner bills can go through the roof. This is where your shutters can become extremely useful.

The shutters will hold onto the heat. When the heat is trying to escape, it will be trapped and potentially pushed back into the home. There is also less risk of the cold air collecting close to the house. When it’s hot outside, the shutters are a barrier against the heat coming into the home. You won’t need to use the air conditioner as much. Not only do you have extra value added to your home, but you save money in your energy bills.

It’s time to consider exterior shutters. They add more to your Kent home than some outdoor decoration. They are practical and offer an extra method of safety for your home. What’s your excuse not to get them?

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