Why Cordless Roller Shades in Kent Are Non-Negotiable for Your Home

Corded or cordless? That’s one of the choices you have when it comes to window treatments. When you’re choosing roller shades in Kent, you want to opt for cordless as much as possible. It should be a non-negotiable part of looking for window treatments in your home.

This is especially the case if you have children or pets in the home. Here’s why cordless roller shades are a must.

It’s Getting Easier to Source Cordless Than Corded

When it comes to finding cordless roller shades in Kent, one of the barriers was finding them. And then the next barrier was affording them. At one time, cordless was considered the “specialist” window treatments.

Things have changed over the years. As more dangers with corded blinds are reported, more companies are looking to change up their methods of creation to make the blinds safer. That means corded blinds are out and cordless options are in.

If you still want corded options, you’ll need to go to a specialist store for them. You’ll also need to pay extra, as they tend to be custom made. That’s especially the case if you want something for a child’s bedroom. So, you end up paying extra for the window coverings. It’s best to stick to cordless.

Cordless Roller Shades in Kent Are Safer for All

It really does come down to safety when choosing roller shades. You need to put the family first. If you have small children or pets, you’ll want to get rid of the cords and find window treatments that are designed with them in mind.

Most roller shades will go into a child’s bedroom. After all, they tend to be the best options for blackout shades for children. So you need to think about their safety. Children don’t realize the dangers of the loops in cords, and even single-lined cords can end up tangled and with loops!

Even if the cordless treatments were more expensive, you can’t put a price on your child’s life.

Cordless Treatments Are Exceptionally Easy to Use

There was once a time that cordless roller shades in Kent looked difficult to use. They may not have sat properly when pulled down or were too tricky to roll back up. That is no longer the case.

Most cordless roller blinds are among the easiest window treatments to use. You just pull them down and they’ll sit closed. In many cases, they have the weight at the bottom of the blind to keep the material in place.

When it comes to opening, there are two main methods. One will have a button at the top that you press to roll back up. Others will have a pulley system within the blind where you pull down a little on an angle and allow the blind to feed back up.

It’s time to look for safer window treatments for your home. Cordless roller shades in Kent come in all the colors and styles you’re used to, but they are far better than corded window treatments for your family.

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