What Are the Best Blinds in Carbonado for Multi-Pane Windows?

There are so many types of blinds in Carbonado. Trying to find the right option for you often means looking at your exact needs. However, you’ll also need to look at the type of windows you have.

 If you have multi-pane windows, you may think your options are limited and that you need custom-made blinds to work properly. That doesn’t have to be the case. Here are some ideas for blinds when you have multiple panes.

 Get Individual Venetian Blinds

 Start by working with the panes individually. You can get a set of venetian blinds in Carbonado for each of the window panes. These types of blinds will sit next to each other, whether you make them touch or you work within the frames of the panes. There’s nothing wrong with having some of the pane material showing through the small gaps between the blinds.

 When you do get blinds that touch, you’ll often find that they catch on each other. Managing multiple blinds and working them at different angles and levels can be difficult.

 By keeping a gap, it’s going to be much easier to keep the blinds from catching on each other. The only thing you’ll need to look out for is the slats slipping out of their holders. This can lead to the blinds opening and closing at different angles as they catch on each other.

 The benefit of individual venetian blinds is the ability to open and close the separate blinds. If you find one pane is getting a lot of sunlight, you can close the slats there without touching the others. It may look odd for a bit, but you get more daylight and more control.

 Large Venetian Blinds in Carbonado

 Another option is to just get one large venetian blind for your window. This will likely need to be custom-made. If you have multiple multi-pane windows, you’ll need to get the custom treatments for every single one of your windows.

 The good news is you only have one blind per window to install and maintain. You get all the benefits of venetian blinds and get rid of the need to manage multiple blinds in a small space. You can find that the larger blinds make your windows look a little smaller if you find them too large.

 The downside is you lose the ability to manage light from individual panes. However, you do get rid of the slats catching on each other.

 Opt for Vertical Blinds

 Depending on the layout of the home, you could consider vertical blinds in Carbonado for your multi-pane windows. These are great for longer windows because you can pull across as far or as little as you want. You get the control of individual venetian blinds without the slats catching on each other.

 The blinds aren’t for everyone, though. If you have a countertop or radiator in the way, you’ll want to look for blinds that don’t touch the floor.

 Which type of blinds in Carbonado will work for your home? Think about the lighting control you want to gain from your multi-pane windows and you’ll find the perfect blinds for your needs.

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