What Are Maple Valley Venetian Blinds Made Of?

There are many types of blinds out there. One of the most common is the venetian blind. It’s suitable for every room in the home and has been used for years as an affordable option. The material of the blind make help you make your decision over whether it’s right for your home. Just what venetian blinds in Maple Valley made of? Here’s a look at your options.

Wood or Bamboo Are the Most Popular

There are a few materials available for these horizontal slat blinds, but wood or bamboo are the most popular. They are the least noisy and among the most durable for their cost. Wood was used for decades because it was so easy to get your hands on, but bamboo has risen in popularity.

Bamboo has the benefit of not suffering as much UV damage. The material grows in hot, sunny climates so has had to develop a natural resistance against the sun’s rays. This material is also less likely to warp in the heat.

On top of that, bamboo grows in wetter climates. It’s not as likely to suffer from rot from moisture as wood is. This makes bamboo venetian blinds in Maple Valley extremely popular for bathrooms or kitchens.

Vinyl or Metal Can Also Be Used

Other manufacturers have started to step away from the wooden and bamboo blinds. Metal and vinyl are cheaper to use. The downside is they can be much noisier than wood or bamboo blinds, so they’re not that popular in rooms where windows are regularly kept open.

Metal is the least popular due to the sound. Aluminum is the most popular metal and is easy to clean, but can suffer from the sun’s rays. Vinyl is the least likely material to suffer from sun rot out of all types of materials used. The vinyl is extremely easy to clean and makes it very easy to get different colors and styles. However, the noisy over bamboo can sometimes be unpopular.

Cords and Plastic Sheaths for the Mechanism

It’s not just the material for the Maple Valley venetian blinds you need to consider. You’ll also need to look at the mechanism. Just what’s the material used to pull the blinds up and down and to turn the slats?

The majority will use cords. They tend to hand down and can have small plastic toggles on the end. They’re considered slightly safer than roller shades, that have a loop that causes safety hazards for children. However, there is a move into having a cord with a plastic sheath. The cord is twisted or pulled to help control the blind’s position. By containing everything within the sheath, children in the home are kept safe.

Like make other types of blinds and window treatments, venetian blinds in Maple Valley can come in a range of materials. You’ll need to consider the placement within your home to choose the best option. While slightly more expensive than other materials, bamboo remains one of the most popular options. It’s durable, valuable, and easy to maintain, making it suitable for all rooms of the home.

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